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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Tap Into 77 Media Tie-Ins To Promote Your Book In 2016

There are many ways to promote a book to the news media, and one effective approach is to tie the book’s subject matter or author to something in the news.  Another tool is to, look ahead and identify any holidays, honorary days, anniversaries, or special dates that you can link your message to.  What ties into your book?

Some things are seasonal – summer beach reads, spring cleaning, holiday gifts, New Year’s resolutions, June weddings, Memorial Day for military veterans and BBQ’s, etc.  So what does the 2016 calendar look like for you?

1 – New Year’s Day
3 – J.R.R. Tolkien Day
11 – Clean Off Your Desk Day
15 – Humanitarian Day
17 – Kid Inventors Day
18 – MLK Day
27 – Holocaust Day
29 – Fun At Work Day

2 – Ground Hog Day
4 – World Cancer Day
7 – 50th Super Bowl
8 – Chinese New Year
14 – Valentine’s Day
15 – President’s Day
18 – Drink Wine Day
29 – Leap Year Day

2 - Dr. Seuss Day/ Read Across America Day
3 - World Wildlife Day
4 - World Day of Prayer
17 – St. Patrick’s Day
21 – Poetry Day
23 – National Puppy Day
27 – Easter

1 – April’s Fool Day
2 – World Autism Day
4 – Passover
10 – End Child Sexual Abuse Day
14 – Dictionary Day
15 – Income Tax Day
22 – Earth Day
23 – Passover begins
28 – Take Your Kids to Work Day
29 – Arbor day

5 – Cinco de Mayo
8 – Mother’s Day
13 – Friday the 13th!
17 – Same Sex Marriage Day
18 – National Museum Day
20 – Endangered Species Day
30 – Memorial Day

5 – World Environment Day
14 – Flag Day
19 – Father’s Day
27 – PTSD Awareness Day

4 – Independence Day
14 – International Nude Day
16 – Ice Cream Day

2 – Coloring Book Day
6 – Hiroshima Day
9 – Nagasaki Day
13 – National Garage Sale Day
19 – World Humanitarian Day
28 – Go Topless Day
30 – National Grief Awareness Day

5 - Labor Day/ International
8 - International Literacy Day
11 - National Day of Service and Remembrance for 9/11
16 - Constitution Day
17 - Citizenship Day
24 - National Hunting and Fishing Day

2 - Islamic New Year/ Rosh Hashanah
5 – World Teacher’s Day
6 - American Libraries Day
10 - Columbus Day
18 - World Menopause Day
31 - Halloween

8 - Election Day
11 - Veteran’s Day
14 - World Diabetes Day
17 - Great American Smokeout Day
24 - Thanksgiving Day
25 - Black Friday
28 - Cyber Monday

4 - World Wildlife Conservation Day
7 - Pearl Harbor Day
20 - International Human Solidarity Day
28 - Endangered Species Act Day
31 - New Year’s Eve


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