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Thursday, January 21, 2016

23 Ways To Pitch The Media

When you contact the news media, whether it be a national television show’s producer or a blogger sitting in his mom’s basement, you need a hook.  Authors must think of many topics that they feel qualified to discuss that they believe will be interesting and timely and that they believe will be interesting and timely, that they believe will secure them media coverage.  So what should you offer to the media?

Here’s a checklist of 23 things to consider when contacting the news media:

1. Are you prepared to make a bold prediction?

2. Will you reveal a secret?

3. Are you offering a contrarian viewpoint?

4. Do you have a significant credential that will validate who you are?

5. Are you famous or at least known in your industry?

6. Do you have something relevant to comment on that’s in the news?

7. Are you tying your message to an anniversary, holiday, honorary day or special milestone?

8. Are you sharing new facts – or a way to look at the facts and stats of a significant story or event?

9. Are you making a vow or commitment to do or achieve something big?

10. Are you demanding an action step, such as an investigation into a company, the arrest of someone or an advanced candidacy?

11. Are you filing a lawsuit of importance?

12. Did you create/launch/initiate a unique product, service, book or organization?

13. Do you have documents, photos, charts, videos, or materials that have never been seen before, as it relates to something in the news?

14. Did you receive a significant award?

15. Were you endorsed by a celebrity or major public figure?

16. Did you come to terms to partner with a major organization?

17. Are you making a sizeable charitable contribution?

18. Did you experience something firsthand that is so amazing?

19. Did you witness or overhear a newsworthy event?

20. Are you just so freaking funny and animated that you are the entertaining personality the media should love?

21. Did a bold prediction of yours come true?

22. Did you receive a major grant, a huge investor’s contribution or win the support of a leader in your industry?

23. Are you warning of impending danger and calling for immediate action to avert or fix a catastrophe?

Think about all of the things and people covered by the news media.  You know that fame, money, sex, crime, controversy, religion, politics, entertainment, sports, tragedy and human interest stories get the attention.  Find a way to tap into what the media really wants.  If not, don’t even bother contacting them.

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