Monday, April 25, 2016

Copyright Conspiracy: Fiction or Fact?

I’ve always wondered if the government uses copyright law to get a heads-up on what books will say before they are published.  Often, many books apply for copyright before they are released to the public. Do you think there are thousands of workers combing through these manuscripts to learn what people have to say before the masses learn about them?

There is a distinct advantage given to the government when it learns things before others do. Based on the information contained in these books, it could:

·         Change its policies, procedures, plans, or priorities.
·         Begin to form a defense against an accusation.
·         Use information to make certain financial investments.
·         Take pre-emptive actions.
·         Start to cover its tracks
·         Improve its military or security strategy.
·         Build a case to arrest someone.
·         Gain insight to prosecute an entity.
·         Destroy evidence of a controversial program.

Okay, so maybe I’ve been exposed to one conspiracy theory too many, but it makes sense.  Sure, copyrights are issued to protect the domain of a writer’s original work, but don’t you wonder if the government uses it to its own advantage?  What if the government learns the details of a book that will release information it doesn’t want leaked? Could the government then blackmail/threaten /pay-off the author to not publish such materials?  Or maybe the government, upon being alerted to what will be published, prepares a smear campaign to discredit the author and book before it’s released.  Or how about the government, upon learning of a book’s contents, doesn’t squash the book but instead asks the author to make changes that are favorable to the government?

Patents are the same thing.  While the government serves its function by ascertaining who owns the rights to certain creations, it is secretly looking to apply such ideas, technology or techniques to serve its own interests and needs – well before any of it is actually available to the public.  I think the copyright office is doing the same with books.

Here’s another thought.  What if the copyright office doesn’t record your book, word for word, and instead purposely edits out certain passages and then adopts its version into the permanent record?

Considering the government already spies on us, manipulates the financial markets, fixes legal cases, and does whatever is needed to keep us safe, protect America’s interests, or serve the needs of corrupt politicians, why wouldn’t it violate the copyright process for its own needs? Hey, I have zero proof here and am just speculating on a “what-if,” but seriously, what if I’m right?

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