Monday, April 11, 2016

Interview With Photographer & Author Anne Menke

1.       What inspired you to have your work published in See The World Beautiful (Glitterati)? All of my life, I have been inspired by reportage photography, as well as the beauty of travel.  Furthermore, I enjoy learning about the various cultures around the world. All the photographs in my book are inspired by my desire to experience all that the world holds.

 2.       Anne, how did you get into photography? I began taking photographs at the age of 10 with my father’s camera.  At age 12, I decided that my aim in life was to become a photographer.  Since then, I have not slowed down.

 3.       What propelled you to the level of success that you have achieved? I believe my pure passion for photographic art and my internal drive contribute to my success as an artist.  Honestly, I simply love what I do.

 4.       What are some of your favorite images presented in your coffee-table book? This is a very difficult question, but I’d have to say I have a strong attachment to the images of Mongolia.   I hold those images particularly close to my heart and find them especially beautiful.

 5.       How do you use photography to present aspects of other cultures so that the American eye can appreciate what you are presenting in your images? While I understand that various countries have differences in artistic opinion and aesthetics, I believe that we are global citizens.  As we enter 2016, it is evident that cultures often intersect, connect, and mix to produce beautiful creations.  I would lean towards the question: What is the difference between the American eye, the French eye, the German eye, the Japanese eye?  We all have the ability to appreciate beauty as is, and my international book demonstrates that.

 6.       What have you discovered about the human condition as a travel and fashion photographer? I have seen so many different levels of education, various types of homes, and diverse living situations.  Regardless of how one lives his or her life, happiness is the most important factor. By traveling the globe, I have had the opportunity to witness beauty in its many forms and fashions.

 7.       Germany, France, Mexico, and the United States. You have lived in each of these countries and traveled to many more. What have you come to appreciate to be the bonding forces in the world? In the end, I’ve found that enjoyment of life is the underlying factor that unites mankind.  Personally, I believe that one’s ability to find the beauty in his or her circumstances is the most important quality of life.  Additionally, I am astounded by our increasing amount of globalization and the overall beauty of the world.

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