Saturday, August 26, 2017

#Trump’s #Book #Publishing #Tweets

Full disclosure:  I thought President George Bush, Jr. was our least smartest president of the past 50 years.  Just ignorant on so many levels.  He was the kind of guy some would have a beer with but not join a book club.  I’m afraid President Donald Trump is another level below Bush.  There’s nothing about Trump that says intellectual or even a book reader.  I doubt he ever wrote – or read – any of the best-selling books that bare his name.  So it is with this admitted belief about the leader of the free world that I give you the tweets Trump may one day send as it relates to book publishing:

Gone with the Wind – good #book but couldn’t it let the South win?  Rewrite that ending!

When will Bill O’Reilly write a book that will top them all – Killing #Trump?

I’m bringing back great jobs, lots of jobs.  Let’s hire more #scribners!

Publishers beg me to write an #Apprentice tell-all.  They ask me, like, daily.  Should I do it?  Maybe.  We’ll see.  Stay tuned.  I could do it.  I don’t know.

#Megan Kelly’s book was nonsense.  Why is this angry woman not content to stay home?

Never judge a book by its cover, but always flip to the back cover and see if the author’s #hot.

Oh, man, book publishers are part of the #fake news media.  Maybe they wouldn’t be so fake if they give me a big advance.

My presidential #memoir will be the biggest, best, and most amazing book and is sure to beat Obama’s or Clinton’s snoozefests. Right? Am I wrong? I don't think so.

I plan to sell the Russian translation rights for Art of the Deal but Ivanka said it wasn’t a good deal.  You hear that #Putin, up the offer now.

As a peace-warming gesture to the protesters and anti-protesters and the anti-anti-protesters in Charlottesville, I’m making available free copies of Mein Kumpf and Schindler's List.  See, I can be sensitive to #both sides. 

Okay, so let me stop. It’s sadder than funny to think that the most powerful person on the planet does nothing to truly promote literacy, education or the book world.  He talks of cutting funding organizations like the NEA, and lacks any kind of leadership role when it comes to fostering a society that values books and intellectual curiosity.  But his presidency could spur a parody and humor book renaissance – assuming war with North Korea or an impeachment trial don’t get in the way.

But the tweet we really want to see?

#I am stepping down from the office of president of the United States to do something many people have asked me to do: host the ninth hour of the Today Show.

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