Sunday, September 3, 2017

You’re Never Too Old To Pen A Book

It’s never too late to find love or do what you love.  Writers know this well.

My first cousin, Amanda, 39, just got married for the first time, to a man a few years older.  She shows that one can find love at any age.  Plenty of widows remarry in older age and plenty of people who get divorced find new loves later.  It’s wonderful to see people never give up on pursuing love.

It’s also wonderful to see writers doing what they love, well into their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.  In fact, our seniors hopefully have lived long enough to be in a position to have something worthwhile to share and write about.

Just when you think you are too old to do something or to take up a new profession or start a hobby remember that age doesn’t have to block your dreams.  Why not write your first book at age 50 or 85?  Go for it!

I don’t know that there’s an ideal age to write and publish books, but I would think that one must have something unique to say and the ability to write well as a starting point.  Then they must have the maturity and time to properly promote and market it.  Whether 25 is that time to write or 45 or 65 depends on so many factors and personal preferences.

I would think that each decade of one’s life brings him or her experiences and feelings that are strong and significant enough to inspire one’s writings.  Though one may write books that have nothing to do with their personal lives, it’s inseparable that one’s biological clock will influence one’s life and lifestyle to the point these events and activities motivate at least some of their writings. 

If you are making money in your 40’s or having gymnastic sex in your 20s or finding spiritual reflection in your 50’s, these may factor into what you write about and how much time you devote to writing.  Age connects us to our writing, to a degree, not to mention age-health issues, but I still believe that one can choose to pick up the pen at any age and make their mark.

Perhaps we need more books from our seniors.  Whereas the Internet, social media, and technology seems to be the domain of the under-30 class, writing books should be owned by the 65-plus crowd.  We need context, reflection, introspection, and perspective that perhaps seniors are best equipped to deliver to us.  We need context, reflection, introspection, and perspective that perhaps seniors are best equipped to deliver to us.  We need sage advice, not another video or app from someone who just clicks buttons for a living.

Tell Grandma to start writing a book, because it’s never too late to do what you love.

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