Saturday, June 9, 2012

Should You Use VideosTto Market Your Publishing Brand?

When it comes to marketing anything, let alone a book, an author, or a publisher, it takes many hours to execute and many other hours to create a plan. I just came across an excerpt from Video Marketing for Dummies, and it inspired me to share some thoughts as to the role video plays in one’s marketing efforts.

Video, like any marketing tool, has value if done properly. It’s a piece of the vast, ever-growing marketing puzzle and for most people, it is rightfully a small but relevant piece.

The ones who should use video extensively are those who:

·        Have really good content that is worth sharing with others.
·        Offer a great visual – beautiful people, gorgeous nature scenes, spectacular animals, something rarely seen.
·        Film something really funny, emotionally moving, or is so unique that one feels compelled to tune in.
·        Can shoot and video in such a creative way that it is artful.
·        Have video on something topical or newsy.
·        Use video in a manner one cannot otherwise use typed or spoken words or photos to get a point across.
·        Have a following of people who will share the video.
·        Will post the video all over the place and not just stop after posting it on the obvious places: your blog, Web site, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, You Tube.

Here is what the book said about going viral with video:

“1. Create and post a video that has the ‘WOW!” factor.
“2. Transmit, via email and social media, to friends and mailing lists.
“3. Ask people to repost your video and email it to their friends.
“4. Identify bloggers and news media who may find your video unique and will promote it even more.
“5. Look for your video to take off on You Tube.”

The book’s table of contents features chapters on:

·        Measuring results and improving your video
·        Top 10 marketing resources
·        Using search engine optimization and paid ads
·        Using video-sharing platforms such as Vimeo, Viddler, and Dailymotion
·        Adding titles, music, visual effects, audio, and narration

Lastly, it has some good words of advice, including:

“Don’t let your message be vague.”
“Don’t put too many messages in the video.”
“Don’t make only one video.”

I invite you to send me your best video (send one link per person please) for promoting a book, author, or publisher. I will be glad to share a few. Please send them to me by June 20th. You can send them to:

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