Monday, December 31, 2012

Magazine Growth Indicates The Recession Will End In 2013

Officially, the recession, from a technical sense, ended a while ago. Truthfully, the Great Recession has been going on for a little over four years. But I think it will finally end.  There are good signs upon us: unemployment is decreasing, housing prices are rising, and the fiscal cliff scare will subside shortly. Even more interesting, the magazine publishing industry is growing, a sign that ad revenue is there to support it. And ad revenue only comes when consumers are buying things.

242 new magazines published at least quarterly in 2012. From 2008 through 2011 there was not a single year with at least 200 such new magazines. Total magazine launches hit 870 in 2012, up from 678 of a year ago and 798 from two years ago.

With magazines being launched at an increasing rate, either publishers are speculative idiots or sme of them see evidence to support their gambling ways. I just hope some of these magazines survive and inspire others to launch. Then we'll really see a flourishing economy.

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