Monday, December 23, 2013

Should You Promote Your Book On Christmas?

The frenzy of the holidays is upon us.  Last minute shopping.  Wrapping up the year’s loose ends.  Getting ready to see family, friends, or take a vacation.  We’ve mentally checked out and are physically consumed.  Is this really the time to promote your book or to be active on social media?

On the one hand, things should just shut down.  We all can use a break and that includes a time out from our obligations, routines, or passions.  It seems there’s a universal or at least nationwide acceptance that nothing is getting done until January 2 or 3 or 6—depending on when you plan to check back into reality.  We all need a rest, whether we create or consume content.

On the other hand, if everyone is slacking off, this is the time to continue your efforts to market your book and have your platform rise high.  You can rest when you’re dead.

Maybe one should strive for a happy medium—to slow down and at least do nothing for a few consecutive days, but there’s nothing wrong with spending a few hours a day checking emails, doing your social media, or writing your next book.  The key is it should not overwhelm you—do whatever it is that makes you feel good.

I will continue to blog every day, in part, because I’ve built up a reservoir of content that merely hast to “post” each day.  I love to write and frankly, feel weirdly uncomfortable when I’m not writing, but during this break I will make an effort to avoid certain activities or limit others.  It’s important to cleanse one’s mind, to step back from the craziness of normalcy, and just recharge and start fresh.

Certainly I would recommend not to go heavy on your social media output during the winter break for traffic will be reduced by a good 50%.  And of those who are reading your tweets and posts, many are not of the mindset to be very active.  They have stopped working and are lounging about.

Further, the buying frenzy will finally have slowed down.  People will pause and stop consuming.

But right by New Year’s Day, people will start exchanging and returning gifts and cashing in gift cards.  People will be buying plenty of books—so you want to dig in and showcase your newest book.

Soon it will be the calm before the storm of 2014.  Enjoy the silence, the distance from your routine, and the moment that permits you and all of us to just do a lot of nothing.

Before you know it, it’ll be back to the grind—at a renewed, frenetic pace.


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