Sunday, December 15, 2013

How To Create The New Book Experience

What would make a book an experience?

One would think reading a good book should be sufficient, but it does not always satiate the reader. He or she wants a sequel, then a series, then the movie adaptation, then a TV version of the movie.

But what if the book could be more than an experience by itself? What if the book is connected to something, like a treasure hunt or an event such as people reenacting the book or taking up a character’s persona? What if the book gives clues to a murder investigation and asks people to help solve a real crime?

Of course, book clubs and online discussions of a book add to one’s enjoyment of a book. And, thanks to multimedia, one can digitally take a book to include videos, audios, Web sites, and social media that connect the reader to related materials. But I want something grander, someway for a book to be linked to real life events -- and not just for entertainment or educational purposes -- but as a way to influence people’s lives.

Just as books can enhance our understanding and appreciation of life, life can enhance the book. What are the limits of what a book can be or what role it can play in the world’s affairs? The imagination of all of us is the limit. 

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