Monday, October 5, 2015

Interview With Author Rhonda Stewart

1. Rhonda what inspired you to create Stinky Feet, the Dragon?

I can't remember classic children's stories so I made up one of my own during naptime one day with one of my grandsons. It just happened to be a particularly bad stinky feet day for him, so I came up with "Stinky Feet, the Dragon". He loved it so much that he kept asking my daughter-in-law to tell him the story, so she asked me to write it down. After I did, I took the chance and decided to publish it.
2. What will children enjoy about this book?

First, Stinky Feet is just cute! He also has family and friends who love him and are willing to play a big role in providing support and a solution to his problem. I know that in today's society we are seeing less and less of strong families who are emotionally and spiritually healthy. But a child wants that and needs that. If children are not getting that positive role model at home, I want them to know that there are positive role models out there; people who do care. There IS hope.
3. One of the themes is that a person’s attitude can play an important role in responding to life’s issues.  How can someone develop a strong, positive attitude?

That comes from encouragement. The strongest and most pure form of encouragement comes from God. When we have that kind of encouragement, we have strength within us that can see us through any situation and enable us to move forward in spite of any negativity that may surround us.

4. How did you come to see the world in a positive light and not let problems have control over your life?

We were very poor when I was growing up, but my dad always taught me that there was no limit to what I could do and accomplish. I believed him! Then when I began my relationship with Jesus, I realized just how true that really was. But a good attitude is not about what you have been called to do and whether or not you can do it; it's about what you have been called to BE and whether or not THAT is making a lasting, positive and spiritual impact on people's lives.

5.  Do children have positive role models when it comes to how they see the world?

Well, they should, but unfortunately we have too many negative influences from people who are living for their own agenda. That's why I want people to start being more intentional not only with their own children, but invest in the lives of other children as well. Be watchful for opportunities to make a difference in a young person's life.

6. Any advice for struggling writers?

My opinion only, but "struggling writer" has its own negative connotation. If you feel called to write, then write. Don't force it. If you're struggling (financially, with ideas, or whatever), then reevaluate what you are doing, how you are doing it and why you are doing it. Now understand, this advice is coming from a novice in writing, but this novice has la little bit of age and wisdom behind her, and this is a principle that I use concerning anything in my life. But the most important thing I could advise other writers, is to be careful of the message you are putting out there. We are responsible for how we influence others.

7. What do you believe is needed in the children’s book genre that we’re not seeing enough of?

Purpose! Books used to have a "moral to the story". These teaching moments were tools to show character, integrity and ethics to children. We have lost that to a certain extent. Now when we read, it seems to be a reason to escape, without learning anything from the story. But, that's just my opinion.


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