Monday, October 26, 2015

10 Things Writers Must Embrace For Success

As a writer, you’ve done something correct.  You discovered and then nurtured a talent within you.  As a writer, you give back to others by sharing your ideas, experiences, and stories.  But what does it take to be you?  Here’s a look at certain values and insights that may just speak to you:

1.      Do you tend to make a lot of thoughtful observations and note them for future reference?  Looking at the world around you is the first step to being a writer.  You need to be aware of what is and what isn’t, with a mind on what if and what could be.

2.      Do you write about the future in a way that helps us live in the present?  We can’t get to our destination without a map.  Writers provide society a map to where we’re headed – if we don’t correct course – and they give us a blueprint of how to improve things and change ourselves and the world for the better.  Be a visionary.

3.      Invest in yourself.  You need to take care of yourself before you can assist others.  Get enough sleep, eat the right diet, and engage in healthy interaction with friends and family.   Be balanced, even if your focus tends to drill down on your writing.  Love life with a purpose and passion.  You can be a great writer and live a really good life.  You don’t have to be angry, depressed, addicted, or out of control to be a great writer.

4.      Strive to be extraordinary, not just decent or better than some.  To achieve great heights you must dream great things.  Don’t settle and don’t lower your standards – ever.

5.      Stretch yourself.  Instead of writing for 30 minutes today, write for 40, then 50, even 60 minutes a day. Review what you wrote.  If you can do better, then do so.  Work at it.  Push yourself to improve.  Better research could lead to better writing, and better editing will lead to a stronger, final product.

6.      Act on the best advice.  First, be open to advice and second, seek it out.  Listen to many voices, of all stripes and sizes.  Determine what’s true for you.

7.      Experiment.  Be willing to try a new style, or a new word, a new subject to write on.  Don’t get so comfy in a formula that appears to work but perhaps limits just how far you can go with your writing.

8.      Become whom you know yourself to be. Live your vision and mission.  Step out of the sidelines and capably replace ideas with action, fantasies with realty.  You could be more than you’ve been, but it may already be who you are.  Now go out and live that life, the one you’ve believed is right for you.

9.      Think like an entrepreneur, an innovator, a leader.  You can show others how to enjoy life more, to live a fulfilling life, to embrace an ideology or approach that will make the world a better place.  Writers are the poets who legislate life not thorough power or politics, but through the hearts and minds of readers in search of a better way.

10.  Be informed and understand the world.  It’s hard to write when you don’t fully have an appreciation of where the world is at, where it’s been, and where it’s heading.  Writers should expose themselves to all kinds of information and ideas from a diverse collection of experts on an array of subject matter.

There are many skills, values, and facts that writers need to possess, believe, and know, but writers can only take in so much before their creative genius explodes with insightful, inspiring, and visionary writings.  Writers, above all, should read the works of others, and find a way to build on what exists while uniquely creating something new and useful.

Good luck!


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