Monday, July 24, 2017

Where Do Authors Go For Book Publicity Help?

When authors go searching for help on promoting their books, where do they go?

Most would ask people whom they believe should know about book publicity- - their publisher, literary agent, or fellow authors.  Others, especially if they are self-published, may expand their search to include reading blogs and listening to podcasts about book publicity, attending workshops and writer conferences, and randomly searching online under terms like “book publicity” or “book marketing.”  Maybe they read some articles in Writer’s Digest, The Writer, or a magazine.  Or they come across a book on the subject.  No matter whom writers consult or which source of information they consume, will they be left with inevitable conclusions?  If so, what should they do to promote their book, brand, and message?

First, they have to do research and gather information so they can at least be aware of the possibilities.  Then they must make choices based on any number of factors – what makes sense to them, cost consideration, time factors, ability to gain traction fast, and what sounds effective.  But the author will have to experiment and diversify his efforts to see what actually works for him.  

Then he’ll need to evaluate the ROI and determine the strategy to move forward.  It’s not an easy, inexpensive, quick process.  Authors will get sweaty, dirty, even bloodied by the whole thing.

So, if I can save you some trouble, please allow me to help you in how you should think this through.

No. 1 – look for ways to do the following:

·         Build up social media.
·         Increase exposure via traditional media.
·         Gain traction with digital media.
·         Secure testimonials.
·         Generate speaking engagements.
·         Establish a very good web site.
·         Create multiple channels to sell your book, including affiliates, book-deal sites, non-bookstore retailers, book clubs, bulk sales, libraries, bookstores, Amazon, etc.

No. 2 – Determine a budget of both time and money that it will take to move the dial in each of these areas. 

No. 3 – Prioritize what you want to really invest in.  Seek out financial help – not just loans, but investors or sponsors.

No. 4 – think big and don’t settle.  You’re in it to win it.

No. 5 – Serve a long-term strategy by making sure you do something every day to advance your message and brand, even if it doesn’t yield immediate sales.

No. 6 – Excel at what you do well and leave the rest to others to help you with.

Book PR is more of a mindset and a strategic approach.  It’s a commitment and an endless battle.  But it can have a huge pay-off and is worth the effort, drama, and cost.

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