Wednesday, July 5, 2017

How Do Authors Make Their Own Fireworks?

While taking in a very good July 4th fireworks show in my town of New Rochelle, New York, I was also able to see in the near distance no less than eight other fireworks displays from the neighboring towns that dot the Sound.  I didn’t know where to look first nor could I stay focused on any one show for long, less I miss something bigger, brighter, better elsewhere.  In some ways, this mirrors what authors have to go through.  How, as a writer, do you make your own fireworks and get attention for your book that is sustainable?

Fireworks shows have a level of expectation placed upon them.  When you go to see them, you expect a certain caliber of exploding lights high into the sky.  The show should last at least 20-25 minutes, and you want to have an unfettered view in a safe environment.  And many shows will deliver just that.  But some are a little better than others.  They offer something that makes you look their way and to stare a little longer.  Maybe it’s about the timing and choreography.  Perhaps these fireworks are a little different.  Maybe there’s a lot of them, providing a rapid-fire show of force.  Whatever it is, you can detect that one show is better than others.

Authors pursue their fireworks secret sauce as well. What will make them stick out and sound different and special?  How will they make loud sounds and shine bright colors to garner attention?  How do they compete against the daily fireworks of others – not just authors?

Like fireworks, go create your own stunning visual.  What alluring photos do you have – of yourself or subject – that can draw people in when they read your email, social media post, blog, or website?  Is there a short video (a minute) that colorfully showcases your message in a unique way?

Do you make noise, like the booming fireworks that loudly soar into the darkness just before they reveal dazzling colors to brighten the evening sky?  Your sound comes from a strong headline or subject line.  Don’t be polite, conservative, reserved or looking to play it safe. Let that headline scream like a surging rocket, fueled by passion, creativity and conviction.

Does your pitch keep flashing new ideas and bold statements the way a fireworks show flows with one explosion melting into the other?  Get rid of dead or filler words.  Details can come later.  Accentuate the big ideas and bold statements.  Shout it out – and don’t let up.  Boom, boom, boom!  Kaboom!  And Kaboom!

Part of your success comes from you delivering a message that more than meets the expectations, needs, or desires of the news media. Give them not only what they want but what they would be hard-pressed to turn away from.  Be colorful, loud and forceful.  Deliver fireworks to people who have already been to a thousand shows.  Light the fuse and blow it up.  Put down the sparklers, firecrackers, snaps, and smoke bombs.  Bring out the big guns!

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