Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Will The Nation Protest Anti-Book Activities?

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This past week America was set ablaze by peaceful protests that turned into riots by opportunistic thugs and anarchists far removed from the causes of battling racism and advocating for much-needed policing reforms. Whether this civil unrest leads to justice and meaningful, lasting change remains to be seen. But as the words, sparks, tear gas, and rubber bullets fly, our nation seeks to grapple with how to bring about change while not allowing for the destruction of more lives. I do hope we see peace restored and real change made in our nation’s policing of all people.

While seeing the civil unrest and community participation in seeking to make a change in our society, it made me wonder if we will ever again see protests and riots -- over books.

The written word used to spark protests and violence.

Battles over free speech, book bans, or censorship have happened throughout America’s history. Pamphleteers led the American colonies to revolt against the oppressive British Kingdom. Up until recently, I wondered if people could be moved to do anything more active than exchange angry social media missives from the protective comfort of their couches. But now I see people can turn their passion and purpose into meaningful action.

Protesting is a right, one that we must use wisely, and indeed, one that we should feel morally implored to use for certain situations and issues. Not long ago, we had the huge women’s marches. We also had anti-gun violence rallies. This past week’s nationwide protests have awakened a nation to a cause that may actually lead to meaningful change.  

Books are merely packages of words, but words are all that we have to determine the life we choose to live. We use words to lead and guide others and to empower ourselves. We allow words to educate, enlighten, inspire, and even entertain us. Words mean something. Words can lead to action and it is up to each of us to advocate for books. The enemy is illiteracy. It is censorship. It is also the elite and powerful who hope we stay ignorant and complacent. Books bring us hope, love, and support. They give us information, ideas, and history. They take us to wherever we choose to go.

Will you step forward to lobby for widespread access to books? Will you encourage their survival by buying them, reading them, sharing them, and advocating for their funding? Will you fight against those who seek to destroy books, diminish them, or remove them from our lives?

Today there are protests for social justice.  May they be peaceful and productive.

But will we be there for books tomorrow? Don’t tell me your answer. Show me.

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