Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Can Today’s Author Do It All?

Any one can be good at anything. Many can be good at something. Few are good at just one thing. Everyone can’t be good at everything. Remember this the next time you demand yourself to do something that you simply can’t do --or could do but don’t enjoy, or could do but have no time for. As an author, you may need to demand more of yourself than you think you can handle, but you also need to acknowledge the areas that simply befuddle, annoy, or belabor you. So what should you do?

Let’s first explore what most authors must do:

·         Develop an idea for a book and map it out.

·         Conduct research related to the book.

·         Write the book.

·         Rewrite sections of the book.

·         Edit the manuscript for content, style, and accuracy.

·         Edit for grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

·         Find a literary agent (or find a self-publishing source).

·         Work with the agent to find a publisher (or find a distributor).

·         Collaborate with the publisher (or collaborate with those producing your book).

·         Write a blog.

·         Launch a podcast.

·         Make YouTube videos.

·         Look into digital ads (Google, Facebook, Amazon).

·         Line up testimonials.

·         Post regularly on numerous social media platforms.

·         Engage followers and network to get more followers on social media.

·         Seek out speaking opportunities.

·         Prepare speeches and deliver them.

·         Actively market your book to generate sales.

·         Actively promote your brand and book to get media exposure.

Now, I did not list everything, nor did I provide the detailed steps involved in each item, but you get the point. Authors are overwhelmed by the process, and most cannot go at it alone. Here’s a 5-step process to achieve success:

Step One

List all that you have to – and want to – do. Map a timeline for all of it.

Step Two

Determine who can help now for free – or a fee. Research who can do what and for how much.

Step Three

Be realistic about what you have the skills, network, knowledge, time and desire to do – and outsource the rest.

Step Four

Acknowledge something will not get done. No time, no money, no interest. It is okay. Some authors ignore social media or podcasting or speaking or some aspect of all that is needed to be successful. Just accept it and move on.

Step Five

Remember to enjoy what you are doing and to never lose focus as to why you wrote the book. Stay motivated.

Analogous to being an author is being a homeowner or a parent. Think about it.

As a parent, you either do what is needed or outsource it, ignore it, or hope for favors from friends and family. It takes a village to raise a child. The same is true for authors raising a writing career.

As a homeowner, you either make repairs and build things, or outsource it, curry favors with friends and family, or ignore something that needs to be done and dismiss things that you desire but are not affordable, within your skill set, or something you have time for.

Authors, you are the homeowner and the parent. Lead your book to success by planning honestly and realistically. Be open to getting help – and prepared to do some heavy lifting too.

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