Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Are You Ready To Write, Publish & Market Your Book?

How Much Does it Cost to Publish a Book?

Here are 36 questions that you should answer before seriously pursuing a career in writing books, getting them published, and marketing them successfully. 

Your answer needs to be YES for the majority of them or else you should strongly reconsider pursuing your dream to put out a book. 

For some, writing is a challenge. For others it is finding a way to publish their works that is a stumbling block. And for many, promoting themselves or their book is fearful territory. But one must have a plan to overcome the triumvirate of challenges: writing, publishing, and marketing. 

See how you answer the following before you launch deeper into your writing career:


1.      Do I read other books or have an awareness of what has been published in my genre?

2.      Do I have any formal training, from universities to writing workshops, in the practice of the literary arts?

3.      Do I want to publish my book because I believe in the value of my writing and because I want to share something that I believe is of importance or interest – or do I see a book as any other product to be sold?

4.      Is my book really better than its competitors, different, new, or providing a significant contribution to the world – or is it merely more of the same that is out there, no better or worse than what already exists?

5.      Is it well-researched, perfectly edited, and accurately fact-checked?

6.      Does it challenge authority, question things, dare us to dream, or make us really think long and hard about our views or lives – or at least entertains, enlightens, inspires, or educates us?

7.      Is my book controversial because it takes on the establishment and challenges social norms, views, assumptions, or the historical record – or because it is offensive, racist, sexist, and calling for violence against others?

8.      Is it as long as is necessary to convey its message, but short enough to enjoy?

9.      Is the level of vocabulary employed appropriate to the subject matter covered and for the level of the reader to enjoy?

10.  Would I recognize a random passage from your book as being written by me – or would you fail to pick it out of a lineup of other books?

11.  Is my writing quality as good as the subject matter covered?

12.  Have I tested out some writing samples with others? Did they like them?

13.  Does the book have potential for sequels, updated editions, or to be adapted into a movie, play, or TV show?


14.  Are I ready to self-publish if I can’t get a publisher? If so, do I know which platform is right for me?

15. Can I accept rejection but persevere?

16.  Would I consider a hybrid publisher, where I collaborate on tasks and split revenues equitably?

17.  Did I create a killer query letter to get the attention for my book from literary agents and publishers?

18. Am I willing to change my book to make it more commercially appealing -- but still managing to retain its integrity?

19. Do I understand the book’s title needs to be one that gets people’s attention – and not just something that I personally feel connected to?

20. Will I put my ego second and prioritize my actions to ensure a quality, marketable book is produced?


21.  Is there a big enough market for your book?

22.  Do I have strong testimonials from established individuals, organizations, universities, businesses, or government agencies?

22.  Is it a promotable book, based on its title, packaging and design, subject matter, style of writing, level of competition, price, quality of editing, availability, and cover design?

24.  Am I committed to putting in the necessary time and effort to successfully market this book?

25.  Will I invest my resources to outsource things that need to be done to market successfully?

26.  Am I open-minded and willing to try new ways to brand myself?

27.  Am I going to apply for book awards?

28.  Will I be active on social media?

29. Do I understand some, maybe many people, won't like my book but that many will?

30. Am I opportunistic, persistent, and hungry to succeed? Do I look to make my own opportunities and take chances -- rather than wait for things to come to me or ask permission to succeed?

31. Have I budgeted time, money, and mindshare to invest in my writing career?

32. Do I have a long-term book marketing plan -- and not just a few immediate goals in my head?

33. Will I commit to educating myself about the book industry and read key blogs, publications,, and books -- and attend webinars/seminars/conference/online courses -- that help me to understand the trends, needs, and challenges of the book world?

34. Will I partner with an collaborate with my publisher, and not just assume they will do everything when it comes to selling my book?

35. Will I be available and flexible on my schedule to meet, talk to, or write for news media outlets that want to discuss my book?

36. Do I understand that marketing must be done every day over many months, and not inconsistently over a short period of time, and that good marketing requires that I explore speaking, social media, traditional news media, online media, advertising, book giveaways, and many different things?


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