Monday, April 8, 2013

Budget Savvy Diva Rich With Advice


I am often contacted by authors, publishes, and their publicists and asked to review books. Who has time to do that? On the other hand, it’s my pleasure to recommend books that seem to have their act together and Budget Savvy Diva's Guide to Slashing Your Grocery Bill by 50% or More is one such book.

Sara Lundberg founded the popular blog, Budget Savvy Diva, where 1.75 million monthly visitors learn how to spend less and still enjoy life. Sara, the author of the book, is based in the Portland, Oregon area. She serves up some great tips for the fiscally responsible in her $12.95 paperback from Ulysses Press.

The first 100 pages provide strategies to spending less and the last 50 pages focus on how to manage the kitchen and discounted meal-planning, including recipes for inexpensive dishes.

Some of her tips include these gems:

·         Buy in bulk, wait for sales, and avoid convenience stores
·         Milk is often cheap in gas stations
·         Don’t ever shop you’re hungry
·         Look for coupons online and price-comparison shop
·         Forget brand loyalty – buy what’s on sale or try generics
·         Buy foods that are seasonal
·         Go to a farmer’s market right before it closes
·         Buy big sizes foods – then break it up into serving sizes and freeze them

She also has sections on how to eat healthy on a diet while on a budget, how to find coupons, teaching your kids good shopping habits, and tricks for finding hidden bargains.

I know I’m tired of dropping more than a Benjamin every single time I step foot in a supermarket. This book can definitely help you save money while not forcing you to do things you couldn’t do. It’s worth the investment. You’ll make back the cover price within five minutes of shopping.


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