Saturday, April 13, 2013

Digital Divide Is A Surprise

A study late in the fall by Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project presented some surprising data regarding the demographics of who uses digital media.

For instance, 83% of Internet uses ages 18 to 29 use social media. I cannot believe 17% have turned away from Facebook, You Tube, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

Another interesting factoid is that African American users of the Internet are almost twice as likely to Tweet than whites. 26% of Internet users who are black, use Twitter. 19% of Hispanic Internet users Tweet, and only 14% of white Internet users do so. The use of Instagram was similar – 23% of black Internet users are on Instagram but only 18% of Hispnic and 11% of whites are as well.

It also appears whites lag in smartphone ownership. Of mobile phone owners, 57.3% of Hispanics have a smartphone; 54.4% of blacks do; and just 44.7% of whites do.

Lastly, Pinterest users reflect five women users for every male user.

Interview With Author Linda Hays-Gibbs
  1. What types of books do you write?  Well, my first book was an attempt at poetry.  It was published and emboldened me to write about life in the 60s.  It was a romantic novel but had music spread through it for the moods.  The next was a book about magicians and Druids.  It had romantic heroes in it.  I love to read Regency Romance so I decided that I would still write fantasy but Regency Romance.  I have a tendency to the darker side so I had to make it Paranormal Regency Romance when I brought ghosts and vampires into it.  My series is about angels and other creatures of the night along with a romantic theme. So to answer your question, what types of books do I write?  I say, I write Romance.

  1. What is your newest book about?  “Angel in My Heart, Devil in My Soul’s” debut is Nov. 1s, 2012.  My newest creation is about a killer, an assassin of the Devil himself.  It had the added problem of an angel or Nephilim that he is sent to kill. Needless to say, he falls in love with her and then his problems start.  He has problems with the Devil, Ghouls, Demons, and Angels.

  1. What inspired you to write it? I wrote the first angel series book, “My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls” when I read about Napoleon’s last battle at Waterloo and how many dead bodies were left in one field.  I thought what a smorgasbord for a vampire.  Next, I felt bad for the people who had loved ones in this horrific battle.  There were several fields and each contained around 50,000 dead young men.  I thought what the poor women of that time had to do to survive.  It had to have paranormal qualities and since the girl was so stupidly sweet to start, she had to be an angel.  She grew up and became her own person but it was very rough with vampire, ghosts, demons, a very large dog, and a few men that did not want to let her alone.  Angels just had a life of their own after that.  My next book in the series is about the father of these lovelies, Morovani and it will be called, “Morovani, the Guardian Angel.”  He has to finally fall and fall in love too.

  1. What is the writing process like to you?  Well, I chew pens, and drink coffee but really it is fun.  I have an idea and then I toss it around in my head for a while, like making bread.  You get a little yeast and toss it into some warm water.  It is alive and starts to grow when you add the flour.  I add a few words and try and see where the story is going.  I knead the dough.  It has to sit a little while.  Sometimes I leave the story and write another one while I am waiting for that one to rise, like the dough.  It comes together but then you have to bake it.  When it comes out the oven, it may not be what you wanted and you start all over again but you keep the recipe.  It is something that starts the story.

  1. What did you do before you became an author?  I was a secretary, and then I went back to school to become an Anthropologist.  Later, I went back for grad school and took up teaching.  I did not like the grind at school and I loved writing so I thought I would try it full time.

  1. How does it feel to be a published author?  Oh, my, it feels wonderful.  I love my publisher, Eternal Press.  They are the greatest bunch of people.  You have help and encouragement all the time.  I would not trade it for anything.  I love it.  It is a dream come true.

  1. Any advice for struggling authors?  Yes, read. . .read. . .read. . .then write. . .write. . .write.  The more you read the better your stories and the more you write, the more you see what you want to write.  It is a process like everything else.  If you don’t like to read or write then forget it.  You must love to read stories and write them.

  1. Where do you see book publishing heading?  I think that we are in a cyber world and that ebooks will be everywhere but I still believe that there will be a need for the printed page.  People do not always have batteries or electric outlets in remote areas but they can carry a book anywhere and read it over and over again for years and never lose it.  I think that ebooks are a revolution but like all things they will never take away all the pleasure from the pages of a printed tangible tactile book.

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