Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Interview With Author Luella Dudley

Your fourth poetry book was recently published. What are all of your books? In 1994 I published The Reflection of My Mind in gold paperback. In 1995 I published The Reflection of My Mind 2nd Edition in black and white paperback. In 1998 "Solid As A Rock I Stand also in paperback.
In 2012, it was "Message In My Pen 

What was your last book about?  In all my poetry book I tackle difficult life situation that people experience in their lives.  When writing about these difficult topic like substance abuse, abandonment, hurt by love, or etc.  I write with a very gentle and sensitive tone.  I actually tap into the very thing that one feel when experiencing these difiicult situations.  I see problems as problems not dividing it into the race card because life shows up at all of our doors at some point if not your door someone you know.   I have received numerous testimonial letters from my readers thanking me for writing and sharing my work because it was just what they needed.  Several who was thinking of committing suicide my work turn them  around.  I found that my book even made it inside the prison walls.  A friend husband was in jail and one of his friend read my book daily and kept it under his pillow.  When his wife called and told me that I was so touched but surprise at the same time.

What goes into the process of how you write about a topic?   My heart and soul goes inside each topic.  Sometimes I just begin to type and the poem just comes to me.  It has to be something I can feel.  I remember one time I left out of my apartment in San Francisco and when I open the door I saw someone personal belonging spreading all over the ground credit cards and California ID.  It was clear someone had snatched this peron purse.  So this is the history of purse snatcher in my book titled "Solid As A Rock I Stand"

What kind of feedback have you been getting over the years for your writings?  I have won numerous award for my publications.  I received 2 letters from the Mayor of the city that I was residing in 1994 and 1998 Mayor Elihu Harris was the Mayor of City of Oakland at that time.  In addition to that the City of Oakland placed a order so that my book was in every library in the city.  I am also very, very proud to say San Francisco State University in 1994-1998 used my books in their classroom.  Then Laney College and channel 20 news crew came out and did a cover story on me that was absolutely amazing.  The students was so emotional.  Some students was caring both books one in each hand to show me their love for my work.  Vista Community College also used my book in their poetry class where I went out and spoke to the students.  I also spoke to the women at Walden House in San Francisco, CA

What inspires you to write?  I am a natural born poet.  Life and people struggles inspires me. 

What advice do you have for struggling writers?  My advice to struggling writers is to never give up no matter how hard the fight get.  Know there is a winner inside of you. Imagine yourself as a fighter in the ring to win this is what you are with your pen.  Know your pen is your sword.  A sword of love, hope, compassion, someone else voice who can't even speak or fight, your words may be like heaven wings that landed just in a nick of time.  Know that your voice must be heard.  Your dream will come true if you only believe and never give up.  Even when negativity is starring you directly in the eye you say to yourself I will never give up.   Someone needs what you holding inside.  You pen is the blessing that can give life and it can even bring on a change.  I believe if God gave me a gift He created a plan with it.  I must believe in me and my dreams because it is worth believing in.

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