Monday, June 3, 2013

Do You Make These 12 PR Mistakes?

1.      Do you leave it up to your publisher to promote your book, without supporting their efforts?

2.      Do you believe you can promote your own book without professional help?

3.      Do you assume a major media outlet won’t review your book or interview you, therefore you don’t even contact them?

4.      Do you dismiss smaller or local media outlets, believing they don’t count for much?

5.      Is your PR strategy excluding multiple types of media and only focusing on one or two of the four key areas: TV, print, radio, and online?

6.      Do you believe your book will be a bestseller simply because it’s a good or great book – without supporting it a with a PR campaign?

7.      Do you pitch the media about your book rather than your topic or a newsy hook?

8.      Do you send press releases that talk about you and the book, but not enough about story ideas and angles that relate to the readers – listeners-demographics of that specific media outlet?

9.      Do you contact the wrong people at a media outlet and then give up?

10.  Do you leave messages rather than trying to actually reach a specific person online or on the phone?

11.  Do you not understand that you must promote at least three months before your book is out and up to three months afterwards?

12.  Are you ignoring social media in your strategy to build your brand, sell your book, and promote your message?

Interview With Book Blogger Beth Hoffman

Why do you love books so much? Books are fascinating to me in terms of how authors even attempt to come up with ideas for books. I am completely in awe of how they do it.

What are the rewards and challenges of being a book blogger? The rewards are that I am able to read books that I know I will enjoy since I am able to request the books.  An even bigger reward is meeting fellow book enthusiasts.  The challenges are being sure that a promised book review is ready by the date I say I will have it for the publisher or author.  I am very organized so that helps, but I have to make the time to read even when the dust is visible around my home. 

What type of books do you review?  My favorite genre is historical fiction, but I also read mystery, women’s fiction, and general fiction.   My reviews are insightful and focus not as much on re-telling the story but on the characters, descriptions, and author's writing style.

How did you become a book blogger -- what led you to this point? My love of reading definitely prompted me to begin my blog and accept books for review from publishers and authors. In 2010, I was looking at blogs and wondering what in the world a blog was.  I started to visit book blogs and saw bloggers writing reviews of books.  This sounded like something I would enjoy so I started my blog using a name that is part of my e-mail and part of the few “silver” hairs that were starting to appear on my head.   My blog header is from a visit to Portree, Scotland.  It is a lovely, quaint place and adds charm to my blog.

Any advice to struggling writers? Not really.  I can't really give advice because I am not an author.  I just use the talent the author presents in his/her book and take off from there with my reviews giving my thoughts and opinions.

Where do you see book publishing heading? I hope book publishing does not go to the total use of e-books.  I truly do not like reading an electronic book.   An electronic book doesn't allow you to easily go back and look something up if you need to, and I miss the feel of a book in my hands when I do read an electronic book. I think there will be a push to go all electronic, but I don't think it will be 100%.

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