Friday, April 18, 2014


Which social media sties have the most user profiles worldwide?

1.      Facebook       1.4 billion
2.      Youtube          1.0 billion
3.      Qzone             623.3 million
4.      Google+         540 million
5.      Sina Weibo     503 million
6.      Twitter            500.25 million
7.      LinkedIn         259 million

But if you look at average number of users per year, these are the most active social media sites:

1.      Google+          168 million
2.      Facebook        140 million
3.      YouTube         111.11 million
4.      Sina Weibo      100.6 million
5.      Qzone              69.26 million
  .      Twitter             62.53 million
7.      Vine                40 million
8.      Instagram         37.5 million
9.      VK                  28.5 million
10.  LinkedIn          23.55 million
11.  Ren Ren          21.56 million
12.  Pinterest          17.5 million
13.  Tumblr            15.56 million
14.  SnapChat        10.83 million
15.  Friendster        9.58 million

Please note: These numbers are as of December 2013, according to Comscore and Wikipedia.

So what does all of this mean?

It’s good to see how the big social media sites stack up with one another.  It’s not just Facebook, Twitter, and “the rest”.  Each of these sites vary in terms of what they do and what their unique appeal is.

If you are looking to promote your book online it is quite hard to ignore all of these sites.  They can make life a lot easier for you, even if it seems like a big time-suck to be on them daily.  Try each of them and see what fits best with your needs, goals, and preferences.

Social media will only continue to grow in size and usage.  Join the party or choose to stay home.

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