Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Ups And Downs Of Bipolar Book PR

To promote a book for a sustained period of time – and to do it successfully – likely means:

·         You are optimistic at your core
·         You believe in your book
·         You need or desire to be successful
·         You have a fat ego that needs feeding
·         You are deluded by the fame you hope to achieve
·         You don’t have anything better to do
·         You enjoy the challenges of getting attention
·         You feel your message will help others if it’s heard

You likely are a good communicator, are organized enough to make time and resources available to promote your book, and you have a confident or reassured sense of yourself.

But, even the best of us have down days, where we can’t sell water to someone wandering in a desert.  We all have moments where we feel tired, mentally defeated, physically challenged, time-stretched, and financially desperate.  We all have moments of fearing rejection or feeling we haven’t gotten to where we dreamed to be.  When you feel down and out, the world seems dark and closed.  But opportunity always rests just beyond the moment we are about to give up.

So hang in there.  Book marketing and promoting yourself to the news media can be an exhausting activity.  But you must remain hopeful and remain strong.  Someone out there will buy your book, interview you for the media, and want you as a speaker. 

Keep digging – you’ll tunnel to where you need to be.  Every shovelful gets you a step closer, even if you feel the hole is getting bigger.  There will be good days and bad ones, often the bad outweighing the good by far. 

But, the handful of victories that you experience may just make it worthwhile.


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