Monday, June 30, 2014

Interview with Author JS Foote

What is The Heart of Annie about? 
At its core, The Heart of Annie is about damaged people reengaging in life.

What makes your writing style unique?
I try to be very conscious of the fact that readers are choosing to spend time with my book, when they could be do a number of other things. As a result, I try to leave something on every page that will make it worth their time to have read that page. As a result, I find my books to be page-turners with readers. I get that comment quite a bit, which makes me happy, because it was by design. 

What inspired you to write it?
I wanted to read a good love story, so instead, I wrote one.

What are readers looking for in a novel these days?
There are so many types of readers, it’s really impossible to answer that. I try to write for a reader that wants a smart, entertaining novel – a diversion from a hectic schedule, but a piece of work that touches them. 

What challenges did you face when writing your book?
My biggest challenge was allowing myself to write the book.  I had taken time off from the practice of law to write a book and it felt like such an indulgence. Especially at the beginning, I kept having to convince myself that this wasn’t a huge waste of time.

Where do you see book publishing heading in the future?
I think you will always have the big houses, but I think more and more writers will self-publish, and soon (if not already), it will be the first step in starting a career. More and more, I think the big houses just won’t take a chance on a first time author. Hopefully, as self-publishing grows, more vehicles will be created to gain exposure for your book though, and the good books will rise to the top.    

How to get a bylined article published – and promote your book!

Excerpts from Activate Your Goodness: Transforming the World through Doing Good by Shari Arison

“There is so much suffering in the world – poverty, illness, death, destruction. Most of us tend to blame our hardships on something outside of ourselves, something beyond our control. I know I did. Financial situations, breakups, health issues… many things we all seem to suffer through at various points in our lives. Of course, everyone experiences setbacks, and some difficulties are out of our control – but in order to grow, does it always have to be intensely painful?  Where does suffering really occur? I believe it’s in our minds, in our hearts, and in our bodies. However, there comes a day – and for each of us the timing is different – when we say, “No more suffering!””

“My day came, my light bulb lit up, when I realized that my suffering was from within. Really, think about it: Where do you “live?” I know that I live in, and view the world through, what I think and what I feel.  That day, I made the conscious decision, the conscious choice that I did not want to suffer anymore. That was when I started living. That’s when I acknowledged that I was creating my suffering, and everything outside of me was just a “learning ground.”

“First, doing good builds self-esteem and self-confidence. Second, doing good makes you a leader and an inspiration to others. Third, doing good brings out your very best attributes. And fourth, doing good brings you more happiness and joy to your life.”

“One lesson was loud and clear: Life dishes out trials and tribulations to all of us. The question is what we do with them.”

“When we focus instead on the collective good rather than destruction or confrontation, we bring healing energy to the human race.”

“What positive solutions can you come up with to create the world you would rather have? Remember, we are all one. “

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