Friday, June 20, 2014

What Should You Say In A Guest Blog Post?

To get media coverage in today’s world of book publishing one of the things the more successful authors do is write guest posts for many blogs who are open to accepting content.  So just what should you say in these posts that will serve your goals?

First, I recommend that you pursue as many of these as possible and to accept all offers.  Further, you should respond quickly to all offers and follow-up with your post within the deadline given to you.  If the deadline is open-ended, give yourself no more than a week.

Second, recognize the value here.  You get to say what you want, usually unedited, and speak directly, with passion and conviction, to the readers of another blog.  These readers are your target, otherwise you wouldn’t have approached the blogger or been asked to submit a piece.

Third, always write an original piece.  Bloggers don’t want recycled stuff - that hurts their Google rankings and makes them look like a provider of used content.  However, don’t think you need to write a completely different post than the ones you previously shared.   Just use the same themes and ideas and change the wording, the examples or the stories that you share.  Think ahead of time of a list of 10-25 topics you plan to write about and start to map out each piece.  If you end up not using them for guest posts, you can use them on your own blog.

Fourth, use the post to advertise your expertise or knowledge.  Say things that most don’t know, explain what they don’t understand, question the norms, and address their anticipated concerns or curiosities.

Fifth, reference your credentials in the piece – casually.  For instance, if you are a nutritionist and are writing about serving healthy snacks to kids, mention what you do for your kids (shows a connection), say that in your eight years of treating thousands of patients... (shows experience) or state an example of a real-life situation (shows relevance).

Sixth, where possible, provide attractive images with the post.  Ask if you can provide your photo and book cover as well.

Seventh, say something memorable, opinionated, funny, or controversial.  See the post as an opportunity to go viral or at least be shared with others.  You can only inspire people to send it to others if you say something attention-worthy.

Eighth, make sure you short bio is posted at the end of the blog, including your book title, name, and website or Facebook page, and email or Twitter handle.  You want people to be able to connect with you.

Ninth, don’t overload your piece with links or any commercial statements about buying you book.  People will logically take an action step if your piece is inspiring and informative.

Tenth, champion a certain voice that represents your personality and vantage point.  People want to feel they know you.  They want to like you and buy into your words.  You can do this by writing a friendly tone that gives currency to your message.

Once the guest post is live, you should:

·         Thank them for it
·         Tweet it out
·         Post on Facebook
·         Add it to your list of media placements
·         Consider offering the blogger a guest-post on your blog, if relevant

Next, start the process over!

Brian Feinblum’s views, opinions, and ideas expressed in this blog are his alone and not that of his employer, Media Connect, the nation’s largest book promoter. You can follow him on Twitter @theprexpert and email him at He feels more important when discussed in the third-person. This is copyrighted by BookMarketingBuzzBlog © 2014

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