Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Are You An Author Advocating For Something?

You may have written a book on a topic and advocate for a certain position.  Perhaps you want people to stand up for or against something or someone.  Maybe you want to lobby for governmental change.  Or you demand changes be made regarding certain business practices, social behaviors, or religious rituals.  In short, you are calling for reform – if not a revolution – or the creation of something new and unique.  How will you go about it, as an author, to be seen as a voice people should listen to?

Certainly it would help you greatly if you are seen as an expert in the area you seek change in.  For instance, if you want to reform an industry, are you part of it?  Do you have the educational background or professional experience that is relevant?  Did you have an experience – even personal – that connects you in an obvious and legitimate way to your subject matter?

Next, what competing experts and/or authors are out there discussing this topic?  What do you say that’s new or more interesting than them?  How would you distinguish yourself from who they are and what they are about?

Is there an upcoming event, anniversary, holiday or honorary day that you can tie your message to that will enable you to generate substantial media coverage?

Should you partner with other advocates and form a coalition?  There is strength in numbers to get attention for your cause – but your role will dwindle by comparison.

How controversial is your position?  What will it take for people to listen – even if they disagree?

Do you spend more time talking about a problem and you elaborate on a reasonable solution?  People want answers and hope, not negativity.

Are you backed by an organization, celebrity, politician, wealthy person, or an established community leader?  That person or group can greatly help – or hurt – your ability to be accepted by others.

What statistics and facts do you have at hand to substantiate your claims or accusations?  Don’t lose out because there’s a gaping hole in your story.

Do you have a strong visual to demonstrate your cause?

Lastly, are you rallying people through social media to show traditional media that people care and are coming together in support of your vision and mission?

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