Wednesday, October 8, 2014

You May Be An Author If…

1.      You are reading this hoping it will validate you are in fact an author.

2.      You write and don’t make much money from it.

3.      You give advice to other authors as if you’ve been there, done that.

4.      You schedule a bookstore signing and only your friends and family show up – and you sell eight books – and they’re made out to "Dear Mom.”

5.      You look at a royalty statement from your publisher and wonder how you could owe them money.

6.      You self-published your book with great enthusiasm and optimism, only to be left wondering how anyone sells their books.

7.      You wake up in the middle of the night with an idea for a book.

8.      You believe you have something important or useful to say, only to find out the media doesn’t agree.

9.      You love words and know they can inspire others to feel better and do better.

10.  You believe that what you wrote can change the world or at least a few lives.

11.  After getting a review posted on Amazon about your book you do a flip.

12.  After seeing the review is negative you want to flip out.

13.  After seeing the review is positive you want to post it everywhere as if you won a Pulitzer.

14.  You apply to as many awards as you can afford the application fees for.

15.  You get a tingle every time you step inside a bookstore – and then a shiver each time you don’t see your book being sold there.

16.  You think book reviewers don’t know what they’re talking about – unless they said something nice about your book.

17.  You think book publishers don’t know what they’re doing – unless they green-light the publishing of your book.

18.  You wonder why your editor is taking so long to edit what you already think is perfect.

19.  Others blog about you and your book.

20.  You feel the day’s wasted without writing.

21.  Your desire is to be read long after you are dead.

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