Saturday, October 4, 2014

Do You Have The Right Attitude To Succeed In Book Publishing?

To succeed in life, one has to have a good attitude. Defining what we mean by a good attitude merely comes down to this: How will you approach life’s challenges, people, setbacks, and losses—and how will you go after what you want? 

To be successful, one must do, say and think certain things—and one must also choose to not do, or say, or think certain things. So too with book publishing. There’s an attitude of success for those who are promoting books. It’s not a one-size-fits-all formula, but certainly there are standards, patterns, and benchmarks worth following.

1.      Embrace the concept that you can write your book on your own, but it takes a village to promote it. Look at everyone as a possible asset or resource—and don’t shy away from asking for help—we each are the sum of who we know.

2.      Never stop learning and researching new ways to market and promote your book. It’s not a static field—what works today may only work half as well in three years.

3.      Balance your ego, but don’t stifle it. Ego is not all bad. We need it for confidence and to ask for more than we deserve, to surge when we have no right to. But it can work against us and make us lazy or feel entitled. Act as if you are the best—but don’t deny the hard work you need to put in to substantiate such a claim.

4.      Be prepared to prove yourself daily. Whatever happened in the past is done with. Each day you need to push forward for sales, publicity, and branding. Don’t think you can rest on yesterday’s accomplishments nor should you believe your failures define who you are going to become.

5.      Have a thick skin to criticism and rejection because whether it is the process of getting published, handling book reviewers, or securing media exposure for your book, you’ll hear a lot of no, or worse, just be ignored. That’s okay. It’s a numbers game. Being rejected 95% of the time is the norm—just get some yesses and you’ll be fine.

6.      Acknowledge what you need to improve on and have the courage to ask for help.

7.      Have the fortitude to persevere, despite the odds being against you.

8.      Write from the heart and seek to have your voice heard because you believe in sharing your message more than getting a financial reward. Of course, getting paid is nice, but you’ll need to work from a work-love frame of mind rather than a money-lust one.

9.      Look to be collaborative, not competitive. Find people to partner with, even those you think are fighting for the same thing. There’s strength in numbers. Different people can give you different things—and it won’t necessarily cost you anymore than you could give.

10.  Always put yourself in a position to share, help others, and to give back to the community. You’ll be rewarded many times over. Have an attitude of gratitude and generosity. 


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