Thursday, November 27, 2014

Kardashian Is Making A Big Ass Out Of Us!

Glorifying The Photo-Shopping of America

Let me begin by saying I am not a fan of Kim Kardashian, mainly because I don't believe she has any real talent. She got famous for all of the wrong reasons: making a sex tape, doing a stupid reality show, and being the daughter of a lawyer who represented OJ-the-killer. All she does is constantly show off her unnatural body -- one part surgery, one part genes, one-part photo-shop. But I am even less of a fan of all the media that thrusts her over-sized ass into our faces, serving her up as if she should be worshipped simply for being her. When you peel away the plastic layers, I am not sure what you really get when you look at her.

Let me be clear: I am not against public nudity, nor am I against women being appreciated for their natural looks. I also believe there are many standards of beauty, and we can be inclusive of all body types.. But I find fault in praising her for her willingness to flaunt this bigger-than-life but it. She is not a heroine. She accomplished nothing. She promotes a fake image as the ideal. She is only good at making the most of nothing.

No one can have the butt she has, not even her. Perverse photographers, greedy plastic surgeons, crafty photoshoppers and touch-up artists have conspired to create Kardashian and give us a technofied Frankenbutt. Maybe she's come along in popularity at the right time for an America that is over-sized. While everyone around her plumps up, she is able to channel her heft into one area and now gets treated like royalty for carrying around a booty that is in two zip codes.

We all know that sex sells. Advertisements on billboards, in magazines, online, in newspapers, and on television for years and years depicted pretty faces, hot bodies, and beautiful people as a way to market things. Attractive people get our attention, plain and simple. we only associate positive things with good-looking people, anticipating and imagining what it would be like to be seduced by them. But I am tired of the media selling itself by showcasing the sub-culture of booty loot. Yes, I am talking about the big-assed Kim Kardashian, famous for having a buttocks the size of Texas.

Think about it. Her butt is either natural, a freak of nature that she bares no responsibility for creating. Or, it is surgically carved like her chest and face, and thus, makes her altered, like a cybourg. So either she is a genetic mutation or a paid-for and packaged doll, and in any case, why do we adore her and treat her like some war hero?

Worse, all we do is catch her baring her assets and it constantly makes news. The New York Post and Daily News recently ran photos from Paper magazine, showing her backside completely exposed. Although I generally don't mind public nudity or images of sexy individuals, there is something offensive about her and the ass that she wears like an accessory.

Whereas authors seek to get attention with their words and creative ideas, actors, models, and reality TV stars just use their bodies, resorting to flashing some T & A and ass whenever it suits them. But is there no room for taste  in human art? I feel like the media is highlighting a mentally ill woman who needs to be showered with praise and adoration simply because her crack is a little bigger than everyone elses. Who gives a crap? Pun intended.

But let's not feel sorry for her. Her ample cheeks are needed to squeeze a bank account that equals the gargantuan ego of hers. She is paid big bucks to shake her money-maker.

I guess what bugs me is that she gets so much attention for something she didn't earn. It also bugs me that people think she defines beauty. Plus, she is one dimensional. Without her bottom, would you even look at her face?

But I can't be a hypocrite. I adore the human body and attractive women. There is an artistry attached to the human form that is unparallel to anything else. I would love for nothing more than to see a more open attitude to public nudity and sex. Prostitution should be legalized, regulated, and taxed, and those who work in the industry should be trained about disease, abuse, pregnancy, and safety.  But let's not use sex and beauty to manipulate society. We can't just elect pretty people or buy stuff just beecause of one's cleavage. And the media can't just continually splash images of worthless talents like Kim Kard-ass-ion.

Perhaps I am too harsh on a woman who's derriere is glorified by millions of fans. Some like a big plastic butt. Who ma I to say which body part on which person should be featured in the media and emulated by others? There is a side of me that acknowledges everyone has different tastes and they should be free to pursue them. I just wish society did not worship a woman whose most admirable trait can only be seen once she walks by you.

I also must acknowledge that books use sexual imagery all the time. How many novels feature sexual references and descriptions of beautiful people? How many book covers use a sexually suggerstive image to sell books? How often does an author emphasize sex, beauty, and affairs when describing a book on the back cover and in press releases? Let's face it, we are a society driven by sexual fantasy, whether in our social media, books, movies, music, art, or daily newspaper.

If Kim Kardashian was to publish a book, what would be in it? You know it would be a coffee table book with life-size centerfold pullouts of her curvy butt stump. If a photo is worth a thousand words, millions of words will pour out of the pages.

I would love for her to write a confessional tome regarding what goes through her mind every time she uses her bottom like a weapon to snag money. What does she think when everyone stares at her or points to her down there? How does she feel about being objectified?

Or, maybe her husband, musician Kanye West, should write about what it is like to be lost in her mountainous butt cavity. Does she even let him touch her golden calf, fearful he will bend it out of shape?

Ok,I digress. Here is my main point: Can society do better than to worship an ass? If we so easily can fall for a factory-produced body part, what is next? When will society turn its attention to praising big brains, big hearts, and big charities -- rather than oversized asses and egomaniacal half-wits?

It is time to boycott her moon butt. It is also time to stop rewarding a fart-producing machine!

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