Friday, November 7, 2014

SCOTTeVEST CEO's Pocket Man offers insights on launching a successful business

12 Business Insights From SCOTTeVEST CEO Scott Jordan In His Debut Book,  Pocket Man

Scott Jordan is the founder and CEO of SCOTTeVEST, a revolutionary clothing manufacturer and online retailer that has been hailed by hundreds of major media outlets for delivering America’s first wearable technology.  He founded the company with his wife, Laura. The self-funded specialized clothing company has netted over $50 million since its founding in 2000 and has been ranked by Inc magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in the nation. .  He has a new take on entrepreneurs, inventors. and what it takes to survive and thrive in the current business climate, and he lays it out in his new book, Pocket Man: The Unauthorized Autobiography of a Passionate, Personal Promoter Who Created A $50 Million Pocket Empire.

In his book, he offers scores of useful business insights, including the following:

  1. You double the amount of opportunities if you consider negative opportunities as opportunities too.

  1. You can learn more from a day of doing than a week of thinking.

  1. Passion is the key ingredient to any entrepreneur’s success. In fact, you can get away with a lot more if you are passionate about something, even if you are actually wrong.

  1. I learned that I needed to believe in something to sell. Now, I believe in me.

  1. The antithesis of freedom is to need to account for your time in 1/10th hour increments. When your time is not your own, you are not free.

  1. If you accept mediocrity in any form for long enough, you become mediocre. Period.

  1. If you can’t finance your own business out of your own pockets, look to your potential customers before looking for investors.

  1. When you can’t start a conversation, insert yourself into one. It’s a lot easier to be pulled along with momentum than to start from a dead stop.

  1. Reinvention is about keeping up with the changes that affect the core of your business, and having the passion and imagination to go over, under, around or through roadblocks. There are always hidden opportunities if you have a mindset of reinvention.  Reinvention doesn’t require changing everything. Just change the hook or story angle. Reinvention doesn’t need to alter the core of your message, just refine it. As long as you are speaking to a new audience, or are prompting a current audience with a new mindset, you are reinventing.

  1. You could be a little charismatic, fairly dynamic, and a pretty good promoter but if you are an amazing follow-upper, you will WIN. It is the one early, learnable skill that can close the gap between what you are good at and what you can accomplish.

  1. As a business owner and entrepreneur, if you don’t have the passion to promote yourself, you need to re-evaluate your choice of career.

  1. People can learn the importance of passion and the willingness to take risks if they want to really succeed. I started out as a lawyer and I hated every minute of it, but I was able to create a new plan for my life and pursue it successfully.

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