Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Book Marketing Advice Found On A T-Shirt

Some of the best advice can be found on a T-shirt.  Those Twitter-sized sayings that say so much using so few letters can be what we need to remind us of how to live life.  One such walking billboard caught my eye recently and stayed with me.  It said: “Just Get Over It and Move On.”

It’s the kind of saying that is open to each of us to apply it to whatever situation we think it addresses.  It rings true somewhere along the line for everyone.  We all have at least one, if not multiple events and people that we need to stop talking or complaining about and to simply do what we need to go on with our lives.  We tend to get stuck over something and let the setback get out of hand and become out of proportion.  A mistake or even an unfortunate event becomes some life-defining, day-to-day game-changer, when in fact, it shouldn’t be as significant as we make it.

That tends to be human nature.  We dramatize everything and then when something really bothers us, we don’t know how to get past it.  We get stuck and fill in our brains not with solutions and coping mechanisms but with more reasons to fuel our anger, depression, or obsession over things that we must, at some point, shut the door on.

Life is a series of events and good or bad, and tomorrow is a new chance to get things right.  We need to move on from whatever we allow to stand in our way.

This applies to book marketing and book publicity.  Get over it. It is something you need to do – or pay someone to do – and for as long as you want to be a successful author you’ll need to be a successful promoter.  Accept it, deal with it, and just move on.

There are no advantages to deny, ignore, or avoid what needs to be done.  There’s no benefit to doing nothing and freezing up.  There’s no pay-off to standing still or merely thinking about what needs to be done without taking substantive steps to make your ideas real.  Authors need to show initiative, not just creativity.

It’s okay if you try to promote your book and fall short.  There’s only failure in not trying.  It’s okay if people don’t like your book, but they need to discover it in order to make such a conclusion.  Don’t let fears, excuses, or lack of knowledge hold you back.  Get over it – and move on!

I know plenty of authors who, after sitting on the sidelines, got into the book marketing game and loved it.  Once they get their feet wet, they dive into the pool head first.  You just need to understand the pain or loss of not trying is greater by far than the los you feel of trying and failing.  You don’t have to let anything bully you or have domain over you.  You can embrace your fate and dictate your future the minute you begin to market and promote your book.  You’ll be so happy that you got over it and moved on!

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