Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How To Show Value For Your Book

My 10-year-old son and I were joking around about what we would do if someone offered us a half-million dollars for our soon-to-be six-year-old English Bulldog, Daisy.  I told him no one’s offering ka-ching for our pooch but if they did, I’d giftwrap her and hand-deliver the cute little beast. 

He was surprised by my answer.

I told him I love her and think she’s great – but I’d love the money more!

He then asked would I do it for $250,000?  Yep.  Then he inquired about $100, 000.  Oh, yes!  Then he asked about $10,000.  I told him no.

Then he asked if I’d sell him for $500,000.  I told him of course not.  He then said: “Yeah, but you would’ve sold Daisy, and she’s part of the family” I told him she’s a dog and though she’s a lot of fun, we could replace her with 50 dogs – and still have a pile of money to buy a lot of things.

This whole exercise shows that everyone is willing to part with something for the right price.  As an author, you want to do the opposite: show that your book has enough value so others part with their money to buy it – at the right price.

Authors have it tough, but they can show value in any number of ways including:

·         Comparing how their book matches up to their competition in quality and price
·         Telling what their book will do for the reader
·         Explaining that you are best qualified to write this book
·         Showing how its unique and that nothing is quite like it
·         Measuring how non-book tools or entertainment forms aren’t as good, or interesting, or complete, or as up-to-date as your book
·         Saying how the book will make you feel good, enjoy life more, and reach a level of satisfaction

The way my son keeps asking at what price would I decline to sell our dog, you should ask at what price would people say no to your book. Figure out the highest price one is wiling to pay – and why they’d pay it.  Then, appeal to those reasons and price point in your marketing materials.

The best way to sell a book’s to:

--Highlight the benefits of reading it.
--Give samples of great writing.
--Repeat your credentials if you are uniquely qualified to write this book.
--Mention media coverage, awards, and key testimonials that the book has garnered.

If none of this works, see if they’ll trade a bulldog for your book!


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