Monday, June 29, 2015

Patriots Celebrate Independence Day With Books!

As Americans are about to celebrate Independence Day this July 4th, our nation will turn 239 years old.  It seems like the Bicentennial was a recent moment.  I wonder if people, who are looking to be patriotic, will recognize that they can honor the United States by reading a book, helping others to read books, or by donating books.  

To be patriotic is not about just waving a flag, proclaiming patriotism, complaining about immigrants, or shooting a gun in the air.  No, it’s much more than saying you belong to the Tea Party.

To be patriotic is to support peace, not war.  It is to participate in elections and the governing process.  It is to volunteer, give to charities, and act responsibly.  I think it also means to read books and promote literacy.  In fact, people should read about civic duty, ethics, government, politics, and history.  That would be a very good July 4th!

As a proud American, I see being patriotic to mean someone who loves this country and is willing to nurture it.  Patriotism does not have to be about the military and fighting to the death to protect our country against unknown enemies.  It should be about making this nation better, smarter, and more loving.  The process starts with reading books and using the power of books to develop an intelligent, caring, and successful country.  

Be patriotic this July 4 – read and share books!

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