Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Why Do Some Books Sell When Others Don’t?

What sells is what sells, meaning there isn’t a formula for guaranteed success, but there are patterns.  Here’s a look at certain elements to your book that could help it sell well:

1.      The author is famous – or a bestselling author – or someone with a major job title or position of power and influence.

2.      The publisher is a known brand, such as one of the Big 5 or Amazon.

3.      The cover visually arouses, inspires, or makes you curious.

4.      The title is provocative, funny, odd, offensive, or aspirational.

5.      The advance reviews, testimonials and endorsements on the cover are incredibly stated and written by successful or well-known individuals.

6.      The price is reasonable or downright cheap.

7.      It reveals a secret.

8.      It turns a historical fact into a mystery.

9.      It shares a startling confession.

10.  It makes you cry, laugh your ass off, or feel rage.

11.  It puts you back in touch with your roots and a more innocent day.

12.  It projects a vision for the future that leads and empowers us.

13.  It offers a new idea or a new take on an old idea.

14.  It highlights something that’s little known but quite significant.

15.  It is so erotic that you orgasm just thinking about the book.

16.  It empowers a political movement.

17.  It’s about a famous person, leading organization, popular place, significant event or major invention.

18.  It contains beautiful art or photography.

19.  It’s about dogs.

20.  A beautiful children’s book with a message parents adore.

21.  It reveals a new diet that seems to actually work.

The list can go on, but you get the idea.  Your book needs to have something significant going in its favor as far as the topics and presentation of the book are concerned.  The content needs to be solid as well.

You need to offer a book with:
·         A unique stylistic layout and quality font and typeface.
·         A vocabulary commensurate with the subject matter.
·         Quality paper and a shiny cover that yells for attention
·         A length long enough to tell a story but short enough to not seem overwhelming.

Packaging, timing, layout, design, subject matter, writing style, and other factors play a huge role in whether people will seek out and buy your book.  Just remember to include a murder, good sex scenes, and some inspiring poetry!

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