Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Have You Read A Short Story Book?

I must confess that I don’t read poetry or short story books often. Btu when I do expose myself to these unique forms, I always feel impressed with how authors can be creative while operating under certain parameters.

One such book comes from a client of the book publicity firm that I work for.  This collection of 20 short stories, The Book Of Names, is very good.  The stories, ranging from two to 26 pages each, find a way to engage the reader from the first sentence.  Even when the stories seem complete you still can see how many of them could be developed into full-length novels.

It makes me wonder why we don’t see more short story books.  It would make sense that we have a lot of these books, given how society is. We are on the run all the time.  We have commutes to work and we have short attention spans.  Reading a five- or 20-page story would fill in the gaps with ease.

Writing short stories requires as much talent – if not more – to write long-length novels. You need to develop context, the characters, and plot fairly quickly while being descriptive and mysterious enough to engage the reader’s curiosity and concern.

There aren’t as many awards out there for the short story format as there are full novels. There’s a need to honor and celebrate short stories and to publicize these works.  The short story book could be a way to introduce a writer to the public, showcasing a dozen or more stories and topics.  

Will you read a short story book today?


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