Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Are You A Shameless Book Marketer?

I don’t recall, find as many things to watch on TV as I used to, but one of the more rewarding shows that I’ve seen in the past decade is Showtime’s Shameless.  This seven-year-old series about a family of grifters, addicts, and dysfunctional beings is just about the best TV can produce.  Of course, there are lessons one can draw from the hit show that apply to life, but I see things that book marketers can hold onto as well.  Here are some things you can draw upon:

1. Life is going to now you down, but you need to keep clawing to survive.  You need to commit to survival – in life – and as a writer or book marketer.  Get up when something knocks you down.

2. Be an opportunist.  Too many times in this show we see how a character turns a situation to his or her advantage, sometimes unexpectedly.  Take hold of your situation and really think hard, perhaps out of desperation, how you can capitalize on something.

3. Get out of your own way.  Many times, the show’s characters hurt themselves with impulsive behavior, bad judgment or a dependence on alcohol, drugs, or sex.  Don’t succumb to your own stupid issues.

4. Hard work pays off. Many of the characters work two jobs, double shifts, or have a side business, often an illegal enterprise but you must keep pushing yourself beyond 9-5 to move ahead.

5. Have a dream and keep pursing it.  Each of the characters is driven to achieve or obtain something.  They succeed because of their relentless determination.

6. Take a risk.  Often because they have no fallback cushion or choice, the characters take some big risks and wild chances flirting with poverty, violence, and arrest.  You may not have to take such extreme chances, but you will need to move out of your comfort zone and risk losing something in order to gain far more. 

7. Use whatever strengths or gifts that you have.  Characters use their ability to lie, scheme, and negotiate to get what they want.  They also rely on their looks and sex appeal.  They depend on people reacting to them in a predictable way in order to be able to take advantage of them. 

8. Rely on your close family and friends. They will be the ones to give you support – emotionally, financially, or other.  Even the strongest-willed and self-sufficient can benefit from the words, wallet, or hand of another.

Ok, so Shameless may not be for everyone, some crazy things happen in a series that’s featured prison, death, overdosing, fighting, divorce, panhandling, stealing, addiction and so many other aspects of life that few may experience – like this family has.  But it is fascinatingly funny, dramatic, and life-affirming.  It also features a steady stream of gratuitous nudity.  No complaints there.

If you want to enjoy not just a great TV series but one that could give book marketers a few insightful lessons, Shameless is for you.

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