Friday, December 23, 2016

Resolve To Make 2017 A Better Year

The new year is upon us.  Whether your 2016 sucked, was great, or merely ordinary, you’ll likely pray for a better year.  It’s only natural to want more than we have, to aspire higher, to expand our horizons.  So what will 2017 look like for you, fellow writers and book editors, promoters, marketers, and publishers?

It all depends on you  -- what you want, how you perceive things, and what’s reasonably attainable given your talents, history, DNA, and drive.  Are you going to do what it takes to rise above the norm and challenge yourself?  Are you ready to stop accepting rejection, defeat, and living off of scraps?  Will you step up to the plate and demand more of yourself?

What goals should you set?  How will you go about pursuing them?

Making resolutions is simple.  Write down what you hope to accomplish or change.  Then list some of the steps you’ll take to be successful.  It’s not merely a wish list – just because you note what you want doesn’t mean it’ll just come to you.  But it is true that if you don’t make a plan and a goals list, you’ll lack a road map or sense of purpose.  Your vision and conviction can drive you to action.  Think deeply about what you really want – it’s okay to dream beyond your reach – but then ponder how to execute an action plan.

Areas you may want to consider could include:

·         Doing more of something you’ve had success with.
·         Doing less of something that’s had a lower ROI.
·         Seeking out new things and virgin territories.
·         Committing to learning new skills.
·         Expanding your book marketing efforts.
·         Considering collaborating with others – for a fee, trade, or friendly favor.
·         Exploring areas you haven’t dabbled deeply in, such as social media, speaking, blogging, or networking.

So how can you achieve your goals?

·         Set big goals and then break it down into steps or mini-goals.
·         Set artificial deadlines or time limits to complete small tasks and steps.
·         Evaluate periodically how your efforts are doing.  Make changes where necessary.
·         Reward yourself for achieving your goals.
·         If your circumstances, resources, or needs start to change, adjust your goals accordingly.
·         Seek out help – a mentor, therapist, or social support group.

I don’t have all of the answers.  I’m imperfect.  The world is perfectly imbalanced and chaotic.  You do your best and keep trying.  Never, ever give up on your dreams unless your dreams have changed. 

A lot of goals can be reached by looking at time, money, and numbers.  Some things are easy to measure:

·         More Twitter followers or FB connections.
·         An increase in page views of your blog.
·         Achieving a certain number of book giveaways.
·         Gaining media coverage with a viewership/readership/listenership of a certain size.
·         Selling more books.

But some goals are harder to measure or define along the way. Perhaps, the only way you know you’re getting closer to your goal and achieving more yesses is to stockpile the no’s and turndowns.  Life’s a numbers game.  If you get enough people to reject you it could indicate you are getting closer to a yes.  Statistically, the odds favor the one who keeps striking out. Eventually you have to get a hit.  Or, with every rejection, you move closer to realizing you haven’t a permanent wall and need to change tactics or abandon ship.  One way or another, you’ll move towards a finite conclusion with the rejections.

Many people wish for a changed world in 2017, but it doesn’t happen that way.  The media, literary agents, acquisition editors, and consumers don’t suddenly change their preferences, habits, or standards.  Don’t look for them to see the world in a different light – you need to give them what they want or at least present what you have in a way they can appreciate and understand you.

To make 2017 great – or at least better than last year -- make a plan, adjust along the way, and keep clawing towards your goals.  Work harder, smarter, longer than ever.  Build on your assets or advantages and avoid the negatives or weak spots.  Make at least one big change and see if it spurs you closer to your dream.

Don’t forget to enjoy the journey. Have fun.  You could be on your way to bigger and better things. Playing with words, ideas, and passions is what it’s all about.  You are here to help others – whether to inspire, inform, enlighten or entertain.  Your book is a gift to the world – now let the planet know about it!

Have a happy and healthy 2017!

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