Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Interview with author Lois Pryce

Revolutionary Ride

1. What really inspired you to write your book, to force you from taking an idea or experience and conveying it into a book?
In 2011, at a low point in Iran's relations with the West, I found a note from a stranger, left on my bike in London while it was parked near the Iranian embassy. It was from an unknown Iranian man who implored me to travel to Iran - and discover the truth about his country - away from the lurid headlines. 

2. What is it about and whom do you believe is your targeted reader?
It is about what happened when I took up the invitation/challenge from this stranger - and made a solo, 3000-mile journey around Iran on my motorcycle in 2013. There are a variety of targeted readers - any armchair traveler, but especially those who want to see beyond the shock headlines and fear-based news stories and who wish to better understand our complicated world, especially the Middle East. It will also be of interest to American-Iranians who may not have visited their country for many decades and are interested to see their homeland through the eyes of a non-Iranian.

3. What do you hope will be the everlasting thoughts for readers who finish your book? What should remain with them long after putting it down?
I hope that the reader will see Iran and Iranians through different eyes. They will understand that as humans we are not so different, even if it may appear so on the surface. I hope it will also be clear that travelling truly does broaden the mind and help to see the world through different eyes. I hope the reader will also come away with the understanding that a country's government and its people are two very different entities!

4. What advice or words of wisdom do you have for fellow writers?
Find a niche and find your own voice. Trust in your instincts and keep at it. It is good old perseverance that will get you there. Murder your darlings is oft quoted but still one of the best bits of writing advice - if you have a niggly voice telling you it's not right, then it's not right. Have another look and start over.

5. What trends in the book world do you see and where do you think the book publishing industry is heading?
I think that narrative non-fiction is having a heyday and is attracting people who would usually consider themselves to be fiction readers. In recent years non-fiction has moved away from being stuffy, dry and factual and is harnessing the power of great storytelling to bring real-life true stories to a wider audience. 

6. What great challenges did you have in writing your book?
I had to do lots of research into Iranian history and traditions and make sure I got all the Persian words and spelling correct - but this was fun and interesting for me. My main concern was making sure I protected the identities of characters in the book who shared potentially dangerous information and stories with me.

7. If people can only buy one book this month, why should it be yours?
Because this book is of the moment. After years out in the cold, Iran is opening up to the world, thanks to the recent nuclear deal, and will play a big part of our future. I want people to shake off old notions and ideas about Iran and see it for the vibrant, dynamic and fun (yes, FUN!) nation that it truly is.

Lois Pryce is a British travel author, journalist and broadcaster. In 2003 Lois left her job at the BBC in London to ride twenty-thousand miles from Alaska to the tip of South America on a small dirt bike. Her book about this trip, Lois on the Loose, has been published throughout the world. In 2006 she rode the length of Africa solo, and in 2013, intrigued by the negative image of Iran she made a solo motorcycle tour of the Islamic Republic.This is the subject of her latest book, Revolutionary Ride. For more info, see:


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