Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Inspired Writer & Book Marketer

I was cleaning up scraps of notes – a never ending process for me – and came across some passages labeled “inspire.”  Here’s what I uncovered – maybe it will help you move towards aiming higher, achieving more, and living a fulfilling life as a writer or book marketer:

·         Visualize what could be and go after it.
·         Be a marketing opportunist – look for opportunities or create them.
·         Score some easy wins – then challenge yourself.
·         Keep your marketing mojo positive and energized.
·         You don’t need anyone’s permission to be successful – just do it, day by day, piece by piece.
·         Act as if you became what you wanted to be; then do what you would do as one who is the person you wanted to become.
·         With awareness and intention, you can succeed.
·         Put the time, effort, and focus into resolving a problem or issue and think your way to a solution.
·         Find a balance in your thinking vs. doing, tending to the present vs. preparing for the future.
·         Seek advice and network your way to success.
·         Pursue help from others – strangers, family, friends, colleagues.
·         Ask yourself where you want to be and determine what needs to be evaluated to reach a goal – what needs to be added, removed or changed?
·         Do things well and keep many balls bouncing in the air.
·         Only look to enjoy what you do while doing something useful and living ethically.
·         Redefine and review your ethics regularly and look to fit your needs into a changing world.

Really, if you want to feel inspired or motivated – whether as an author, book marketer, or ordinary person – just read some of the top self-help books of all-time or those on the current best-seller lists.  

We all need a boost beyond what our circle of friends and families do for us and we all need to get out of our own heads from time to time.  The words of others can help us become better at using our own words, as writers or book marketers.

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