Tuesday, April 25, 2017

How Authors Should Promote Books On News Trends

What’s trending in the news that authors should capitalize on to promote their books?

One of the best ways to promote a book is to position the author as an expert on a timely topic during a news cycle that seems friendly towards such topic. But timing, positioning and execution are paramount to the success of the news chaser.

So what should one connect to and exploit for media coverage?

First, anticipate the news cycle.  If this week the discussion is about Fox TV’s work environment and the decline of cable television’s top star, how will the story play out the following week, if at all?  You want to get ahead of the curve and anticipate where this will go.

Second, think about things that are certain to come up, such as graduation season, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, NHL and NBA championships, PGA US Open, Memorial Day BBQ’s, summer vacations, and honorary days –weeks – months and anniversaries of major events or birth-death dates of famous people.  Peg your story to these things and you instantly sound relevant.

Third, look at cycles and patterns.  Study polls and surveys.  Can you make some outrageous claims or raise major questions based on the data you’ve examined?  Can you make some wild predictions?  Go for it!

Fourth, know that what’s being covered will soon dry up.  Unless something new happens soon, Korea will become a smaller story.  Look at how the Russia scandal gets very little play now. Here today, gone tomorrow, so don’t anchor yourself to a sinking ship.

Fifth, look to past media coverage for ideas.  Scan the headlines of June 2016 or June 2015 to alert yourself to the types of seasonal stories that may be covered this June. Borrow some ideas – or realize you need to pitch fresh ones if some of them were overdone.

Sixth, think outside your genre.  Just because you write a health or business book doesn’t mean you can’t be a political, parenting or faith story depending on how you’d crossover or merge two seemingly separate spaces.

Seven, go beyond your reader demographic.  If your book is for women, come up with male-centric story ideas.  Instead of pushing a story about what women want from a relationship, go to the men’s side and push a story about “What men need to know about what women want in a relationship.”

Eight, shrink your targeted reader into silos.  If you wrote a general book about personal finance, send out niche story ideas:  How Hispanics need to follow these five steps to get their finances in order – or – How to discuss money with your kids.

Nine, look at the news every day, from multiple sources and media outlets.  Determine which story you have the best chance of latching onto and develop at least five pitches.  Send them all out, dividing them up amongst a variety of media outlets.  Spray and pray – see what works by throwing it all out there.

Lastly, tie into the news by:

  • Demanding some type of action step.
  • Questioning what’s been reported.
  • Offering unique insight/advice/information.
  • Showing why or how a story is likely to be resolved.
Being an author and book promoter means you are a story teller, an entertainer, a researcher, an expert, and a unique personality all rolled into one.  Use the news to make news.  Be a news maker by going after what already makes the news -- or will soon.

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