Thursday, July 19, 2018

Where Do You Find Book Reviewers?

Book reviewers are everywhere – in print and online.  But it can be tough to get a review in the elite publications like the New York Times Book Review, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, Booklist or Kirkus Reviews.  So where should one seek out book reviewers?

1.      Get a paid database, such as Cision.  But assuming you can’t afford that, or knowing you must supplement it, search online for more options.

2.      Amazon – they recently removed contact information for their reviewers but you can find a list of these reviewers and what they review here:
      You will just need to research their contact information.

3.      Go onto Book Blogger Directory.

4.      Try Blog Nation.

5.      Search

6.      Get onto Goodreads.

7.      List your book on NetGalley.

8.      See BookRix.

9.      See giveaway sites like Shelfari, BookLikes, and Library Thing.

10.  Check out

12.  Another one to look at is

13. Try

Of course, there are many paid options.  Here are some of the publications and websites where you can purchase a review (no guarantees on what is said):

·         Publishers Weekly Select

·         Foreword Reviews

·         Kirkus Reviews

·         Indie Reader

·         Blue Ink Review

·         The U.S. Review of Books

·         Reader Views

·         Dog Eared Reviews

·         Your First Review

·         Independent Book Review

·         Self Publishing Review

·         City Book Review

Once you get some good reviews and you want to highlight your book, you can purchase attention from the following:

·         Twitter or Facebook ads

·         AuthorBuzz

·         BookBub

·         BargainBooksy

The book marketing world is quite large and diverse.  Book reviews, paid email promotions, book giveaways, ads, and media exposure are just some of the many ways to provide exposure for you and your book.  Experiment and persist ahead!

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