Monday, July 23, 2018

Why Do Authors Really Need A Book Publicity Coach?

Authors often wonder if they really need a book publicist.  They think – or hope – their publisher -- if they have one, will do what’s needed.  If they are self-published they try to do everything on their own.  Most can’t afford a book promoter, or so they think, and so they try to do what’s feasible.  But a book promoter can be a real strategist, motivator and creative genius.  He or she will not only generate valuable media exposure for you, but will serve as a coach to the author who needs inspiration, direction, and intellectual capital.

A book publicity consultant is perhaps no different than any other coach.  Think about it and compare:

Fitness - Sure you can work out on your own, watch some You Tube instructional videos, read up on exercises, and watch what gym rats do.  Or, you can get a smart trainer who will instruct you on how to maximize your workout, avoid injuries, lose weight, tone muscles, and keep you energized and dedicated.

Finances – Of course you can get personal finance and investment advice from the Internet, the media, books, and courses, or you get some sessions with a financial advisor who can set you up with proper planning, provide an understanding of tax ramifications, and give professional advice on how to invest wisely.

Music – Play any instrument and experiment, but if you really want to understand how to play well, you need a trained tutor who is dedicated to making you better.

Dating – Of course you can post a profile on a dating site, but to get faster and better results you may want to work with a matchmaker.

Sports - Go have fun and let your kids enjoy professional soccer, baseball, hockey or any sport, but if you want them to really develop their talent, consider getting private lessons from former professionals or high-level coaches.

We may live in a DIY society, where technology makes everything possible, but we often still need the guiding words, emotional support, and experience and knowledge of a skilled practitioner when it comes to the important things – health, wealth, and relationships. Book publicity is no different.  In theory, you can do it yourself but in reality, it’s best left to a pro who not only does things for you but also trains, educates, and inspires you.

A book publicist can share ideas with an author, challenge assumptions, introduce new approaches, give a boost to an author’s emotional state, and provide perspective on the book marketing landscape.  He can strategize about best-seller lists, identify book awards to shoot for, come up with crafty media pitches, bounce ideas about your website and social media, and connect you to others who can be of assistance.

That said, there are bad book publicists out there – just as there are poor teachers, financial advisors, fitness trainers, doctors, lawyers, and music instructors.  You need to find the right one to help you address your specific needs.  And when you find a good one, hold onto him or her.


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