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Avoid These Book Marketing Mistakes


Everyone makes mistakes. To err is human. In fact, failure is a necessary prelude to success. They say if you are not failing enough, you’re not reaching high or trying beyond your means. That is what we call a good kind of failure. But this post is about stupid failure, the kind of mistakes that are avoidable and that you want to not make when it comes to marketing your book.  

Authors, please avoid these mistakes:


  • Waiting too long to start thinking about a book marketing campaign. Make a plan on how you will promote and sell your book way in advance of publishing it.   
  • Mistakenly believing that you can do it all on your own. Marketing requires a lot of help, resources, time, and effort. Be prepared to pay, barter, and beg for help from professionals, family, friends, and strangers. 
  • Wrongly assume they will succeed without expecting a solid plan that includes many buckets. To sell a book today, you must think about distribution, news media exposure, social media, speaking, book awards, advertising, book reviews, and other key areas. You need some blend of success in each or most of these areas.  
  • Falsely believe that the news media will cover your book simply because it is a great book. First, is it really great? There are 7500 new books released daily. That’s a lot of competition Second, even if it is great, the media won’t know it unless they read it, and they won’t read it unless they know it’s great. That’s a Catch-22. What to do? Help convince them it’s great, but this requires a savvy, targeted and resilient publicity campaign. 
  • Wrongly conclude that PR is a one-time thing. Really, it’s a chronic condition. Book publicity is an ongoing, perpetual thing that authors should constantly be doing.  

As an author, you are also a publicist. Wear the hat proudly. 

Here are some values you should seek to embrace:


  • You must promote or perish.
  • If you won’t actively promote, outsource the job.
  • Determine what you can buy to get what you want, such as a post from an influencer, an ad, a boosted post, or a paid book review.
  • Figure out what you can giveaway to get attention for your book - a website download of content? A free copy of an earlier book? A free copy of your new book?
  • Brand yourself -- not just your book.
  • Befriend people with big mouths to get early book buzz.
  • Always network- online, in-person, or by phone.
  • Partner with other authors - other writers can help you with advice, book reviews shared resources, or friendly support.
  • Diversify your efforts - don’t do “just speaking” or “just news media” - try to do a little of everything and a lot of whatever you find to be working well.
  • Remember, you are not just promoting a book or a fact - you sell perceptions, assumptions, appearances - and seek to be the answer to one’s needs or dreams. 

To market yourself successfully, give yourself a PR audit:

  • Asses your skill strengths and weaknesses as it relates to what’s needed to promote a book.
  • List and identify your connections. Who do you know that can help you?
  • Identify what is in your book or past that the news media will find of interest.
  • Research competing book titles. What do they do that you can copy?
  • Look at your calendar, bank account, and knowledge base. Do you have the time, money, and know-how to execute a solid book marketing campaign? 

Don’t let any of this scare you off. Get out there and market your book with the same passion, conviction, and sense of urgency that you took to writing your book. It’s okay to fail, but try to avoid the mistakes that you can easily stay clear of.


Need Book Marketing Help?

Brian Feinblum, the founder of this award-winning blog, can be reached at  He is available to help authors promote their story, sell their book, and grow their brand. He has over 30 years of experience in successfully helping thousands of authors in all genres. Let him be your advocate, teacher, and motivator!


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