Sunday, May 19, 2013

Celebrating My Anniversary With Donald Trump

Two years ago – on May 13, 2011 – I launched this blog, not quite knowing what to expect. 

Now, over 700 posts and 143,000 views since then, I can see that my blog is doing well.  It not only helps my networking and branding efforts, but it has helped me win clients and advance me as an expert in the book marketing and public relations arena.  But perhaps best of all, it’s served as a home to my thoughts and given voice to matters the publishing industry confronts.  Based on the feedback I’ve received, especially from authors, people feel I’ve informed, empowered, and inspired them.  It's cost a lot of time and effort, but the blog has been worth it.  I thank my loyal readers for their wonderful support.

My very first blog entry was about the ability of Donald Trump to be a marketing wonder.  He continues to impress me in his unrelenting pursuit for attention.  As a person, I think he’s ridiculous.  It’s not just the crazy fake hair, his pompous attitude, or his failed businesses that get to me.  It’s his silly political views.  He’s a Tea Party nut job. It’s hard to respect a jerk, but I have a marketing crush on his long career of generating attention that’s out of proportion to the balance sheet of his accomplishments.

I am not sure who my marketing idol is these days.  No one comes to mind when I think of people who have owned the spotlight deservedly.  These are people like Kim Kardashian, who have hijacked the media for a period beyond a normal “sell by"date, but she’ll flame out.  She’s only famous for being famous – and for having a big ass.

I’m drawing a blank on naming someone who is famous but accomplished, and who hasn’t alienated as many people as they have fans.  Perhaps I admire brands, more than individuals.  Google comes to mind. So does Amazon.  These two seemingly can do no wrong in the eyes of the media.  Or maybe we should admire how seemingly unlikable brands manage to rake in billions – fast food joints, oil companies, big banks, gun makers – even when the media is negative on obesity, environmental degradation, greed, and violence.

I admire a good marketer and a smart marketing campaign.  Marketers succeed when they shape and alter our perceptions – regardless of truth – and they make us feel good even when doing the wrong thing.  It’s a powerful tool that must be harnessed for good.  Maybe one day we’ll have a marketing half of fame and in it won’t be the Trumps or Kardashaians, but other stars who help shine a light on making the world a little bit better.

Interview With Author Alois Lohn
1.    What type of books do you write? Cross genre mainstream fiction
2.    What is your newest book about? To see wars through the soldiers in the foxhole on both side of the conflict.
3.    What inspired you to write it? The sacrifices our men and women endure to protect our country.
4.    What is the writing process like for you? Enjoyment
5.    What did you do before you became an author? I retired as corp. VP from the Spiegel group after a fifty year career in the apparel industry.
6.    How does it feel to be a published author? Great, another accomplishment in my life.
7.    Any advice for struggling writers? Keep plugging away. Rejection is part of writing.
8.    Where do you see book publishing heading? Hard to tell. There seems to be a lot of confusion in the publishing industry. But in the end, books will survive whether in print or e-book form.


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