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What Are The Most Popular Blogs?

According to the book, Social Media is Bullshit, the top 10 blogs, as ranked by Technorati, are:

1.      The Huffington Post
2.      Mashable
3.      TechCrunch
4.      Engadget
5.      Gawker
6.      Gizmodo
7.      ThinkProgress
8.      The Daily Beast
9.      TMZ
10.   Hot Air

What’s interesting is that most of the 50 most popular blogs are owned by a handful of media conglomerates, such as Time Warner Cable, AOL, Netflix, Abrams Media, Yahoo!, Tribune, and The New York Times.

We hear the Internet offers a variety of voices and that it democratizes the media, but the truth is a few big corporations set the tone and control the biggest sources online.

Interview With Inner Beauty Guru Kenetia Lee

1.      What inspired me to write Fearless Beauty? I was inspired to write FB from all the women that sat in my makeup chair. After coming out from a very dark period of my life where I basically lost everything my marriage, job and money I started to focus my attention on my emotional and spiritual well-being instead of my appearance. Out of this I found my confidence shot through the roof. Beauty without confidence is just show.

2.      Why aren’t we satisfied with our appearance? The reason people are not satisfied with their appearance changes from person to person. Our appearance tells a story…If that story we tell ourselves is not pleasing or empowering we fixate on changing that story, but most times on a surface level hence why we spend so much time fussing with our looks.

3.      What is the difference between being pretty, beautiful, and sexy? The difference in being pretty, beautiful and sexy is a state of mind. Being pretty and sexy I feel is a way a person can act about their physical appearance whereas beautiful simply is and doesn’t require a person to act any other way than who they truly are.

4.       How can a woman transform herself from the inside out rather than the outside in? A woman can start to transform the way she perceives her beauty from the inside out first through forgiveness (healing those past stories that have taught her to view herself in a negative way), refrain from making harsh comparisons and learn to care for her whole body well-being with as much energy as she gives to trying to fix her appearance.

5.       What do you advise women do so that they feel empowered? I strongly advise women to let go of resentment, learn to listen to and trust her intuition to guide her.  

6.       What can women do to feel good about themselves? Women can feel good about themselves by simply choosing. Feeling good is a choice.

7.       What are some makeup and beauty secrets you have learned in working with celebrities, divas, and beauty queens? The best beauty secrets are those we learn from getting to know ourselves. There are a thousand ways to get rid of a dark spot on the face, but it really depends on how well your skin reacts to certain ingredients. Learn to become self aware. As for makeup less is more and creating the illusion of balance is key to appearing more attractive.

8.      So many women resort to cosmetic procedures to enhance their bodies. But can true happiness be found in bigger breasts, a tighter face, and a firmer butt? I believe it is possible for a woman to feel temporary fulfillment from bigger breast, a tighter face and a firmer butt, however true happiness is not dependent on circumstances. If a woman can learn to be happy with her small butt, she will surely be happy with a big one as well.

9.       Women have long equated their looks and sexuality with power and success but shouldn't their confidence and sense of identity come from inside and not from their looks on the outside?  I’m not big on should’s if that makes any sense. What I know is if a woman places all of her value and worth in things that are temporary she will lose her sense of power, value and worth when those things disappear and they will disappear. If a woman bases her value and worth on things that cannot be taken away from her, she will experience her value and worth throughout her lifetime. 


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