Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Diversify Your PR Approach

Can you imagine sharing your links and book information with thousands of other people? That's your goal, right?

Certainly social media allows you such an opportunity, should you have such a following. Is that better than conducting a news media campaign?

Hopefully you don’t have to choose between the two but it seems many do. Some choose a social media strategy thinking that’s all they need to do. Others do it out of desperation, because nothing is more affordable than free. But the best approach is to use social media and traditional media and online media, and not to defer to just one of them.

Some favor traditional media and non-social online media because they don’t have a lot of time to build up followers on Twitter or to post on Facebook or to connect with people using YouTube, Pinterest, or their blog. But when one can do a little of everything, a lot can happen.
One media placement leads to another. You build your media resume by doing everything possible. Guest post on another’s blog. Interview someone for your blog. Tweet about the radio interview that you just did. Seek to get a book review, whether online or in print. Make local TV appearances. Post links on your Facebook page. It’s all connected.

Even within social media, traditional media or other online media, there’s a lot of variety needed. Just blogging and tweeting about your book is not enough. Neither is posting YouTube book trailers or running some pay-per click ads on Facebook. And you always need to be building up your list of connections – however they happen.

Whether you build up followers on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter – or all of them – or whether people sign up for a newsletter, e-book or free download – capture names and email addresses and keep a list of people to contact when needed.

Anyone who tells you they just did one thing, even if done well, to successfully promote and market a book, is either:

1. Lying.
2. Misinformed.
3. Not realizing/aware they did more than that.
4.  Very, very lucky.
5. Missing opportunities to generate more interest and sales.

Whatever approach you take, the more you do, and the more you do wisely, and the more variety you inject into the process, the more likely your marketing will be successful.

Interview With Author Tina Brown

1.    What type of books do you write? My first book was non-fiction. A memoir.  The one I'm currently writing is fiction.  

2.    What is your newest book about?  It is a story of the struggles of one young black woman born and raised in Southern Virginia

3.    What inspired you to write it?  I've always been able to create stories.  only recently did I attempt to publish.

4.    What is the writing process like for you?   I just write.  I sit in front of my laptop and just write.

5.      What did you do before you became an author?  I still have a day job.  I'm a Human Factor Engineer.

6.    How does it feel to be a published author? It's absolutely awesome.  I never knew others would be interesting in reading my thoughts. 

7.    Any advice for struggling writers?  Write from the heart.   Write about what you know.   Don't give up.

8.      Where do you see book publishing heading?  Today's technology enables almost anyone to assume the title of author.  Publishing is a hugely competitive business.  Perseverance is a must if an author hopes to "make it" in this venue.

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