Monday, May 20, 2013

Interview With Author Elisabeth Donati

Financial Educator Speaks Out

What type of books do you write? So far, I have written three financial education type books. One for parents called The Ultimate Allowance; one for ages 9-12 called Rocks to Riches based on the principles in Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill; and one on a money management system called The Money Jars called The Money Jars: Your Magical Money Management System. I learned about the system at a seminar called The Millionaire Mind held by Peak Potentials but they didn't teach enough about it so I wrote a book about it.

What is your newest book about? I am working The's a whimsical story about a family of frogs and it has nothing at all to do with money:-) 

What inspired you to write it? It started with a man I fell in love with years ago. He was very smart and creative we used to have fun with words by tweaking them and then we started talking about frogs because I love frogs. I asked him to name a family of them for me and the story was off and running. I've been working on it ever since. 

What is the writing process like for you? It's fun, sweet, motivating, playful, enjoyable, savory. When I get into writing, all I want to do it write. I miss it when I don't. 

What did you do before you became an author? I've been an author since before I can remember. My mother read Dr. Suess books to us when we were kids so I grew up writing poems. Before I wrote my first official book, I was teaching financial education for years and still do. Teaching allows me to be creative on my feet, so to speak. Most of what I create I do so talking to groups...but not all.  

How does it feel to be a published author? It's nice. Once I got the first one done and had learned 'the ropes', I realized I could write another one much easier. It's like anything in life, the first one, first time, etc. is always the biggest challenge but I love challenges and love learning new things:-). 

Any advice for struggling writers? I find that when I help people write things that the best advice it to tell them to stop thinking about writing and just write. You're not a writer unless you's as simple as that. 

Where do you see book publishing heading? As much as I'm not fond of the digital age, it appears to be heading in that direction. I feel sorry for the kids who just don't understand, and will never understand, the joys of getting absorbed in a story the old fashioned way.  Being 55 though, NOTHING will ever replace holding a printed book in my hand, folding down the corners, researching through a book's many pages, wondering aimlessly in Powell's Books in Portland, Oregon! 

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