Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Celebrate July 4th With This Book: Here is Where

Bestselling Author & Historian Unearths America’s Forgotten History

New York Times bestselling historian/author Andrew Carroll is back with a sensational new book, HERE IS WHERE: Discovering America’s Great Forgotten History. Carroll traveled to all 50 states to seek out extraordinary—but unmarked—historic sites where heroic individuals lived, groundbreaking innovations occurred, and momentous events unfolded.

HERE IS WHERE covers the full sweep of our nation’s past, from the first Native Americans, explorers, and pilgrims who set foot on this land, to the pioneers, patriots, inventors, and activists who transformed it. Carroll also has numerous little-known stories about the Declaration of Independence, the War for Independence, and the founding of America—all perfect for the July 4th holiday! 

In HERE IS WHERE, Carroll Embarked on countless adventures by car, plane, train, bus, bike, kayak, helicopter, and on foot, taking us to the site where:
      The deadliest maritime disaster in American history took place, a calamity worse than the sinking of the Titanic (Mound City, AR)
      The birthplace of a virtually unknown American scientist whose vaccines have saved hundreds of millions of lives (Miles City, MT)

-          The house of a famous Prohibition agent who had changed his name to Richard Hart but was actually the brother of a notorious gangster (Homer, NE)

-          The farm where a 14-year-old boy had a brainstorm that led to the creation of television (Rigby, ID)

-          The bookstore where one of the oldest copies of the Declaration of Independence was (accidentally) discovered (Philadelphia, PA)

-          The bridge where the final copy of the Declaration of Independence was quickly hidden when the British invaded Washington in 1814 (Washington, DC)

Carroll is also still seeking out and preserving American war letters as a way of honoring and remembering our nation’s veterans and troops. His efforts have been featured on Oprah, NBC Nightly News, Good Morning America, the Today Show, CBS Sunday Morning, FOX, CNN, PBS, and ABC News, as a “Person of the Week.”

By uncovering both previously unpublished letters and unmarked historic sites, Carroll has unveiled historical tidbits from all around the country and can discuss his findings on a localized level

Carroll is the bestselling editor of War Letters, Letters of a Nation, and Behind the Lines. He also edited the anthology Operation Homecoming, which inspired the Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning film of the same name. Carroll lives in Washington, D.C., and Orange, California, where he serves as the director of the Center for American War Letters at Chapman University.


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