Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Battle Against Internet Book Piracy

A new book clearly shows that creative artists need to protect themselves against digital thievery.  The Battle Against Internet Book Piracy: The Fight By Writers, Publishers and Law Enforcement, and What You Can Do If A Victim may be one of the 10 most important books for those who cherish – and earn a living from – words.

Gini Graham Scott, PH.D., wrote her book to provide an overview of the crime that threatens the livelihood of professional writers and the survival of many publishers.  She believes that piracy has led to losses in the billions of dollars.  No one knows how many titles have been copied nor how many times each has been resold illegally, but the potential for it to grow is great.

The award-winning screenplay writer and official blogger for the Huffington Post discovered 19 of her books had been made available on a piracy site and felt compelled to take action.  She is using her book to launch a nationwide educational campaign to help writers and publishers combat an issue that is costing the industry heavily.

Chapters in the book cover these topics:
·         Where copyright law is strong and where it falls short
·         The extent and cost of piracy
·         How music and film industries battle piracy
·         What can be done to combat piracy
·         What law enforcement is doing to stop the pirates
·         How to protect your material from infringement

A final section provides resources and identifies major pirate sites, helping writers to check if their books have been posted illegally and to report any violations.  The book also includes lists of writer organizations, government agencies, and online help sites.

Some of the resources listed in the book include:
Takedown Notice Services



IP Watchdog

Government Agencies
Intellectual Property Theft Enforcement Program

FBI Anti-Piracy Warning Seal

Internet Complaint Center

National White Collar Crime Center

National Intellectual Property Rights Coordinator Center

Criminal Division Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section

World Intellectual Property Organization

Global Intellectual Property Academy

Gini has an impressive resume.  She’s been on Oprah, GMA, CNN and hundreds of radio shows.  She’s had over 50 books published, including The Very Next New Thing, The Talk Show Revolution, The Piracy Revolution, The Battle for Personal Privacy, and Fantasy Worlds.  She has a PhD in sociology from UC Berkeley and MA’s in anthropology, pop culture and lifestyle, and organizational/consumer audience behavior.  For more information, please consult:


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