Monday, August 12, 2013

Connectivity & Book Publicity

Yesterday we discussed the first pillar of book publicity: time. Below is the second of our five-part series.


Who you know counts. How well you know them, is also key. What are you willing to ask of them?  What are you willing to give to them?

Build your lists early and often:

·         Collect emails
·         Can you team up with the lists of others?
·         Befriend people like crazy on Facebook or LinkedIn
·         Get more Twitter followers – set daily or weekly goals
·         Attract more people to your site with content/discounts/giveaways/special events

Your lists can do the following:

·         Give you a potential customer list.

·         Some members can be carriers – they share with others.

·         Provides an increased chance of going viral.

·         Others can give you helpful advice and resources.

·         Gives you the ability to impact others with your message.

Your numbers give the perception of importance and influence to:

-Potential consumers

-Literary agents

-Speaker bureaus

-News media


How do you connect with others?

·         Find your target demographic.
·         Speak their lingo.
·         Make yourself accessible to them.
·         Give advice or share helpful info to them.
·         Introduce your connections to others.
·         Focus your time on building relationships.
·         Invest time to create new connections.
·         Ask people for help.
·         Promise to give them something.
·         Phone or meet those you met online.
·         Email or text those you have seen in person.
·         Be vigilant in making connections.
·         Assist others before you need to call a favor in.

The connections that count the most are the ones you have with your fan base. Then come the media.

You need to research the media or acquire a database. You will need to know how to make contact with them and when to contact them -- and exactly who to reach out to at specific outlets.

You need to think like them, think for them, and speak their language. Media begets media.
It is a numbers game – do your research and cast a wide net. Use social media to meet and interact with the media, too.

The old saying is true: It’s not what you know, but who you know.

To add to that: It’s not what your book says, but what others say about it.

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